Understanding Multitouch

Multitouch illustration
Understanding Multitouch

Multitouch computer interfaces revolutionized how people interact with computers. Products like smartphones and tablet computers have brought this technology to the masses. In this Wikibook we will look into the internals of it here, and describe how it works in detail.

The Microsoft Surface is a table-sized multi-user multitouch device.


This book will require that you have at least a rudimentary understanding of signal processing, and are competent in a programming language of your choice. This book will use pseudo-code to describe all of the algorithms and processes necessary to understand how this technology works, but to make it useful you will need to implement it in your own language.

To do the image processing components, you will need a digital web camera, or a multi-touch surface of your own devising (for the fearless). We will try to stay away from the mathematical descriptions of the algorithms whenever possible (as the pseudocode should be easier to understand from a programmer's/implementer's point of view, however this is a WikiBook, and if you can contribute material to the pure mathematical point of view, please feel free to do so.

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