Analog and Digital Conversion

This book will attempt to explore the field of data conversion between analog and digital representations. This book will also explore some inherent problems in representing analog signals with digital data and vice versa, as well showing some common schemes for generating, coding, and transmitting the sampled data. Readers of this book would benefit strongly from a prior knowledge of the following subjects:

Once an analog signal is sampled, and represented in a digital domain, we can use techniques of Digital Signal Processing to manipulate the data. Those topics will not be covered in this book.

This book is in a very early stage of development, and many of the pages here will be stubs, or simply outlines. In time, more information will be filled in, but we need help from contributors like you. Feel free to help out and contribute!

Table of Contents

Section 1: Conversion Basics

Section 2: Sampling and Quantizing

Section 3: Data Representation

Section 4: Signal Reconstruction

Section 5: Quantization, Errors, Noise

Section 6: Building Converters

Section 7: Appendices

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