Communication Systems

Introduction edit

This book will eventually cover a large number of topics in the field of electrical communications. The reader will also require a knowledge of Time and Frequency Domain representations, which is covered in-depth in the Signals and Systems book. This book will, by necessity, touch on a number of different areas of study, and as such is more than just a text for aspiring Electrical Engineers. This book will discuss topics of analog communication schemes, computer programming, network architectures, information infrastructures, communications circuit analysis, and many other topics.

This book is still in an early stage of development. Many topics do not yet have pages, and many of the current pages are stubs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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System Examples edit

This section will provide a brief overview of the more common communications systems in use today. The demarcation between these systems is quite artificial since a wireless VoIP Internet connection may be a combination of all of these individual systems.

Communications Basics edit

This section will examine some theory common to many communication systems. Examples are, what constitutes a signal, information, channels, multiplexing etc.

Analog Modulation edit

This section will examine the nature and conveyance of continuously varying information signals.

Digital Modulation edit

This section considers the nature and encoding of discrete information signals.

Transmission edit

This section examines various communications media and its characteristics. Any communication system may contain one or more of these media types.

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