Electrickery is intended to be a lighthearted introduction to the practice of electronics. While electrical theory is covered more than adequately in other works, this exists to entice the novice experimenter to jump right in.

The principles of electronics will be introduced by means of application, in the hopes that the experimenter may desire to learn more.

This book is very much inspired by the "Funway Into Electronics" publications, which took a similar approach to teaching a generation of tinkerers how to build their own gadgets, and in so doing, instilled a passion for hacking in many.

Diagrams in this book are generated using the gEDA suite of electronic design tools, Breadboard diagrams are generated using Fritzing, and the text is written in British English.

If you want to screw around and make visibly satisfying things happen in a relatively short time, this is a good resource to run through before committing to more rigorous study of Electronics.

Electrickery is subdivided into Projects. While one needn't necessarily complete them in order, doing so may prove beneficial.

Projects Listing edit

  1. Light up an LED - The "Hello World" of electronics experiments, also introduces Ohm's Law