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  1. Wildlife Gardening/Printable version
  2. Intellectual Property and the Internet/Print version
  3. Transportation Planning Casebook/Cross-River Rail
  4. Mechanics of Materials/Printable version
  5. Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Print version
  6. Healthy eating habits/Printable version
  7. The History of the Armenians (Movses Khorenatsi)
  8. The Story of Rhodesia/Central African Federation & Return to “Rhodesia”
  9. Philippine History/Vice-Presidents
  10. History of wireless telegraphy and broadcasting in Australia/Topical/Columns/Wireless News NSW/Notes
  1. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Printable Version
  2. US History/Print version
  3. Understanding Air Safety in the Jet Age/Printable version
  4. Mechanics of Materials/Printable version
  5. Wildlife Gardening/Printable version
  6. Wildlife Gardening/Taxon/Danaus plexippus
  7. Infrastructure Past, Present, and Future Casebook/Finnish Underground
  8. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 1
  9. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 8
  10. Structural Biochemistry/Volume 2

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