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A ChuChu is one of the many enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. ChuChus are gelatinous creatures that come in many different colors, shapes, and forms.[1] In most cases, when one is destroyed, it will leave behind what is called Chu Jelly which can be stored in Empty Bottles.[1] Each color of Chu Jelly will affect Link in a different way when it is drunk. The consequences usually effect Link's hearts or magic meter, but other uses have been seen.



The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


ChuChus are a species similar to Gels that are often found in Termina Fields as Red and Green ChuChus. If they are carrying something, it is visible in their insides. They hop towards their prey when someone gets too close. The main variants are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Red contains a heart (although it would give Link a Green Rupee if his health was full), yellow contains arrows, and green contains small magic jars. Blue contains nothing, but can be frozen with the ice arrow to form a block. In this form they have short, fat bodies and eyes that rest on tall stalks. They resemble tinted bottles, and on the fat body area there is a large mouth that does not seem to open.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


ChuChus have evolved since their appearance in Majora's Mask. They resemble a combination of Gels and Buzz Blobs. Oddly enough, they are quite similar now to the Pokémon Wobbuffet. They are now completely filled in, whereas their Majora's Mask counterparts were translucent. Like Majora's Mask's ChuChus, they hop at any creature that comes near them.

ChuChu Jelly is the main ingredient of Potions.


  • ChuChus mostly come in Red and Green, with Green being able to hide as a pool.
  • Another form of the ChuChu is the Blue ChuChu, which are very rare, and give off electricity. They appear mostly on the small, generally deserted islands of the Great Sea. Their jelly is limited to 20, as there are only 20 Blue ChuChus in the game; they themselves will always come back, but will not drop jelly more than once apiece.
  • Some Dungeons have Yellow ChuChus, who also give off electricity, and produce red and green Jelly.
  • In later dungeons the player will find Shadow ChuChus, which are dark purple in color, who must be turned to stone by beams of light (and if you move them away from the light, or the light away from them for too long they'd eventually return to their dark purple state) from the Mirror Shield or Medli's harp then picked up and thrown to be destroyed. Hitting them with the sword will make them break apart and immediately reform. When turned to rocks they can also be defeated by breaking them with the Skull Hammer.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap


ChuChus remain relatively the same as in The Wind Waker, except that now, Chu Jelly isn't the main ingredient of Potions. A new addition to the ChuChu family is the Spiny ChuChu, a gray ChuChu who can generate spikes to hurt Link and defend itself. The gray ChuChu can be stunned using bombs, a Spin attack or Hurricane attack or the Boomerang, and can subsequently be killed far more easily. There are also red ChuChus with rock helmets making them invulnerable with them on.

Giant ChuChu


A giant Green ChuChu appears as a boss in The Minish Cap, in the first dungeon, Deepwood Shrine. While not actually a giant, it appears very large from the perspective of the Minish-sized Link at that point in the game. A similar giant Blue ChuChu appears later on as a mini-boss in the fourth dungeon.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Rare ChuChus (now simply called "Chus") return in Twilight Princess, as faceless, amorphous slug-shaped gelatinous creatures. They move on their stomachs rather than stand upright as in previous incarnations, and can merge together (and subsequently split when attacked) to form larger, single creatures. Their Chu Jelly can again be collected, however it is consumable immediately after collection, unlike The Wind Waker, where it has to be made into Potions first. Like most bottled goods, each Chu Jelly the player receives can only be used once.

Bottling Chu Jelly


Link can scoop up, in a bottle, the Chu Jelly that remains when they are defeated.

  • Red Chu Jelly is identical to Red Potion, which restores eight hearts worth of health.
  • Blue Chu Jelly is identical to Blue Potion and restores all hearts.
  • Yellow Chu Jelly can be used in place of lantern oil in order to replenish it with fuel.
  • Purple Chu Jelly causes random effects on health (similar to consuming a bottled Poe spirit in Ocarina of Time). It will either restore one heart, restore all hearts, take away one heart, or take away all but one quarter of one heart.
  • Rare Chu Jelly is identical to Great Fairy's Tears, in that it restores all hearts and doubles sword damage for about 15 seconds.

Combinations and Green Chus


Damage inflicted on a large Chu can break it up into two smaller ones, and Chus can continue to be halved until they are small enough to kill.

A negative side effect of this is that, given enough time, the smaller Chus can combine again into larger Chus. If two Chus of different color combine, they will turn purple (and cannot be separated into their original colors again).

The exception to this rule is if a blue and yellow Chu combine - they create a green Chu, whose jelly is supposed to refill magic. However, the magic system was removed from Twilight Princess at some point before release, so the green Chu jelly has no effect. In the GameCube version of the game, combining a yellow and blue Chu will merely make a purple Chu. This can only be done in the Cave of Ordeals.

Black Chus


There is also a mysterious black Chu jelly that can only be obtained in the Nintendo GameCube version of Twilight Princess with an Action Replay cheat device. It takes away Link's hearts, anywhere from one to all of them. Black Chus attack with a lunge. The jelly is similar to the Nasty Soup which can be scooped from Coro's pot in Faron Woods.

Phantom Hourglass


Red, Yellow, Stone, Green and Blue ChuChus appear in Phantom Hourglass, in a very similar form to how they appear in the prequel to the game, The Wind Waker.

Red ChuChus are always vulnerable to any attack. A Stone ChuChu is simply a Red ChuChu with a stone covering, with must be blown up by a bomb in order for it to become vulnerable. Yellow ChuChus are "electrified" and will shock the player, causing damage, when struck at while they are in this state. However, after a few seconds, their electric barrier will diminish, allowing the player to attack. Blue ChuChus are very similar in the way they wield electricity, but don't drop their barrier unless hit by a long-range attack, such as a boomerang or arrow. Green ChuChus collapse for protection when struck at and can't be hurt in that state. They rarely appear in this game.


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