Hello, my name is Andrew Moffett, though to avoid confusion with other Andrews on Wikibooks, you can refer to me as Neoptolemus, or simply Neo[1]. I am currently a freshman at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, working towards a double major in History and Spanish. When not reverting vandalism or cleaning up redirects, my edits center around books on history and foreign languages.

I invite you to look at the new book list shown below. Let me know if you are interested in working with me on any of these ideas. Also, if by looking at my list you think I might be interested in working with you on some idea of yours, I would be grateful if you would like to share some of your ideas for future books with me as well.

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Credibility edit

Advanced Placement Exams
AP Exams
Calculus AB
Comparative Government and Politics
English Literature and Composition
European History
Spanish Language
United States Government and Politics
English Language and Composition
United States History
World History

In an effort to combat one of the most common criticisms of Wiki-based resources (that "the encyclopedia anyone can edit" can in fact be edited by anyone - namely those who have absolutely no knowledge of the subject)[2], I have compiled a brief "résumé" of "credentials."

I have taken eleven Advanced Placement exams offered by the College Board. Exams are scored on a 1 to 5 scale, with a score of 3 being a passing grade. Grades of 5 are considered "extremely well qualified," 4 considered "well qualified," and 3 considered "qualified."[3]

Please note that as a logical extension of these listed credentials, I am not to be trusted regarding any perceived knowledge I may think I have on subjects including (but not limited to) biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, psychology, or any field of knowledge considered to be in any way related to any type of hard science.

References edit

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  2. "Using it [Wikipedia] is like asking questions of a bloke you met in the pub. He might be a nuclear physicist. Or he might be a fruitcake."
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