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US History
List of Topics
List of Topics

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  1. Preface  
  2. Introduction  

Colonial America (1690–1754) edit

  1. Pre-Columbian Societies (Before 1492)  
  2. European History (Before 1492)  
  3. Transatlantic Encounters and Colonial Beginnings (1492–1620)  
  4. Colonial North America (1620–1754)  
  5. Colonial Religion (1690–1754)  

The Early Republic (1754–1837) edit

  1. Road to Revolution (1754–1775)  
  2. American Revolution (1775–1787)  
  3. The Federal Period (1787–1800)  
  4. Jeffersonian Democracy (1800–1812)  
  5. War, Nationalism, and Division (1812–1837)  
  6. Religious Movements (1754–1837)  

The Crisis of the Republic (1837–1877) edit

  1. Manifest Destiny and the Slavery Question (1837–1861)  
  2. A Nation Divided: The American Civil War (1861–1865)  
  3. Reconstruction (1865–1877)  

Wealth, Innovation, and World Power (1877–1913) edit

The Age of Invention and the Gilded Age (1877–1900)  
Presidency of Grover Cleveland
Racism of the era, Industrialization, Agriculture, Urbanization, American Imperialism,
The Progressive Era (1900–1914)  
Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, Presidency of William Howard Taft, Early Presidency of Woodrow Wilson
Progressivism, Sufferage for Women, Labor Reform,
The Wright Brothers and the advent of practical powered flight, Rocketry, Transit improvements, Birth of Hollywood
The Nadir of American Race Relations  
Racism, Race Riots

Into the American Century (1913–1945) edit

The War to End All Wars (1914–1920)  
World War I–"The Great War", The Spanish Flu
The Roaring Twenties (1920–1929)  
Roaring Twenties, Prohibition
The Great Depression and the New Deal (1929–1939)  
The Great Depression, The New Deal, Works Progress Administration
Spanish Civil War (1936–1939)  
American Involvement in the Spanish Civil War
The World At War (1939–1945)  
World War II, The War in Europe, The War in the Pacific, The Manhattan Project

America in the Cold War (1945–1989) edit

The Cold War (1945–1953)  
Presidency of Harry Truman, Start of the Cold War
The Fifties (1953–1961)  
President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Civil Rights Movement, Rock and Roll
The Sixties (1961–1969)  
Presidency of John F. Kennedy, Cuban Missile Crisis, Presidency of Lyndon Bird Johnson, The Great Society, Space Race, Martin Luther King Jr.
National and International Crises (1969–1981)  
The Presidency of Richard Nixon, Vietnam War and entanglements in Indochina, Kent State, Impeachment of Richard Nixon
The Reagan Revolution (1981–1989)  
The Presidency of Gerald Ford, The Presidency of Jimmy Carter, The Presidency of Ronald Reagan
Pardoning of Nixon, Inflation, Energy Crisis, Camp David Accords, Iran Hostage Crisis, Iran-Iraq War, The Reagan Revolution, SDI–"Star Wars", Iran Contra

Hope, Adversity and Challenges for the New Century (1989–2016) edit

Bush and Clinton presidencies  
Presidency of George Bush, Rodney King, Collapse of the Soviet Union, Presidency of Bill Clinton, 1st Gulf War (1989 –2000), Monica Lewinsky Scandal
George W. Bush  
Presidency of George W. Bush, September 11th, 2001, 2nd Gulf War, Terrorism, Start of the Great Recession
Election 2008  
Obama Vs. John McCain, Primaries
Presidency of Barack Obama, Addressing the Great Recession, Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights, Tea Party Movement

Recent History (2016–Present) edit

Election 2016  
Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton, Primary Candidates, Third Party Candidates
Supreme Court, Civil Rights, Establishment of the US Space Force, Start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Events of January 6th, 2021
Continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ukraine
Hope & Crisis: America Today and In the Future  

Appendices edit

  1. Appendix A: Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States  
  2. Appendix B: Supreme Court Decisions  
  3. Appendix C: Chief Justices  
  4. Appendix D: Famous Third Parties  
  5. Growing Crisis with Iran (2002-)  
  6. Authors  

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