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Sci Fi/Horror Fiction


This period of history was known for many science fiction and horror classics. These were aired on the radio, shown on television, and printed in comic books. Among these horror classics was the Creep Show, a television science fiction and horror series, with episodes such as "Father's Day," known for such phrases as "Give me my Cake, dirty dish rag! It's mine! Give it to me!" and "It's Father's Day and I have my Cake! Happy Fathers Day!" and "Twilight of Cockroaches", known for such statements as "You don't know these cockroaches!" The Martian Commander from "Father's Day" is believed to be the inspiration for Darth Vader.

The special effects were substandard by today's standards, such as the "Martians"' space suit made from a diving suit with added tentacles, but they are just as terrifying then as they were then, because the horror lay mostly in the plot. Common horrific ending to these productions was the main character being buried alive, going crazy, committing suicide, or being eaten by some kind of bug or carnivorous plant. There was one movie about a man who was turned into a plastic product, because of a curse put on him. The curse was that he had to get some girl interested in him in 72 hours or else be turned into a plastic product. He did not make the deadline.

Rest of Cold War


East Germany
West Germany
Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon
VietNam War

Cold War Ideas


"I have a dream!"
civil rights
"The Creep Show" (tv horror series)
James Bond 007
"mellow yellow"
"Believe in Hope"
John Birch Society
Dark Winter
lunar landing
First to Moon
"If you believe in love, we can put a man on the moon!"
Yippy Party
Fidel Castro
Operation Mongoose
renounce renunciation

Ronald Reagan


Ronald Reagan
Reagan Revolution
Iran-Iraq War
Saddam Hussein
"Keys to the Kingdom"
Kaleidoscope (novel)

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