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President Joseph "Joe" Biden in the White House.

Early PresidencyEdit

On January 20th, 2020 Joseph Biden was sworn in as President of the United States of America.[1] President Biden inherited a nation in crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic still raged on, where over 400,000 American lives had already been lost before he took office.[2] President Biden also inherited an economy that had lost over 3 million jobs since President Trump had taken office in 2017.[3]

COVID-19 ResponseEdit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued, so did hate speech and attacks on Asian Americans,[4][5][6] and leading the White House to issue a memorandum condemning such acts on January 26th, 2021.[7] The vaccine rollout that began under the Trump administration continued into 2021.[8] The Delta strain created a surge of infections in Summer of 2021.[9][10] By October 1st, 2021 the COVID-19 pandemic had killed over 700,000 Americans, becoming the deadliest pandemic in American history.[11][12] By December 2021 the death toll had reached 800,000.[13]


The Biden Administration saw the first African American to serve as Defense Secretary.[14]

On February 12th, 2021, Biden halted further construction of the southern border wall.[15][16]

Following the second impeachment of President Trump by the House on January 13th, 2021,[17] the Senate continued the trial on February 9th, 2021.[18] Despite a bipartisan 57-43 vote in favor of convicting former President Trump, as a 2/3 majority was not reached Trump was acquitted for a second time by the Senate on February 13th, 2021.[19][20]

A winter storm created an emergency in Texas in February 2021, as infrastructure buckled under the storm.[21]

On June 17th, 2021 legislation was signed which made Juneteenth a federal holiday.[22][23]


Honoring a previous commitment made by the Trump administration to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, America began to withdraw Troops from the country, leading the Taliban to quickly overrun much of Afghanistan outside of Kabul in Summer of 2021.[24] This resulted in an evacuation of Kabul.[25], which ended on August 30th, 2021 with over 122,000 evacuees, many dead, and many Afgan allies left behind.[26]

Technology and ScienceEdit

Perseverance rover.

2021 saw the first Science advisor to be appointed to the cabinet level, which was in addition to a number of appointments of notable scientists to leadership positions.[27][28][29]

On February 18th, 2021 the Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars.[30][31]


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