The Holocaust

The book looks at the situation in which the Holocaust was able to take place. It will look into those involved and where and when important events took place, to try and establish a clear picture of the extent of what has happened. What happened after the war and what ongoing impact will the events of the Holocaust have now?


  1. The roots of anti-semitism in Europe  
    1. Untermensch and Anti-Semitic terminology
    2. Anti-Semitic Policy
  2. Eugenics
  3. The rise of Fascism  
  4. A 'Final Solution'  
  5. Victims  
    1. Homosexuals
    2. Romanies
  6. Features of the Holocaust  
  7. Concentration and Labor Camps (1933-1945)  
  8. Euthanasia (1939-1941)  
  9. Ghettos (1940-1945)  
  10. Extermination camps (1942-1945)  
  11. Death marches and liberation (1944-1945)  
  12. Resistance  
  13. Perpetrators and collaborators  
  14. Historical and philosophical interpretations  
  15. Aftermath  
  16. Holocaust denial  
  17. The Impact  
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