History of Greece

Ελληνική ιστορία - History of Greece

The tiny Mediterranean country known officially as the Hellenic Republic has had a fascinating history stretching back through the ages. This nation, known commonly as Greece, is widely considered the birthplace of Western civilization, and thus, its long and complex history continues to exert influence worldwide.

Chapters: -- Introduction

  1. Minoan Civilization --3000-1100 BCE
  2. Mycenaean Civilization --1600-1100 BCE
  3. Greek Dark Ages --1100-750 BCE
  4. Classical Greece --750-336 BCE
  5. Hellenistic Greece --336-146 BCE
  6. Roman Greece --146 BCE-330 CE
  7. Byzantine Empire --330-1453 CE
  8. Ottoman Greece --1453-1821 CE
  9. Independent Greece --1821-1974 CE
  10. Modern Greece --1974-2024 CE


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