Høgnorsk ~ English

Learning the High Norwegian Language

Høgnorsk (en: High Norwegian) is the usual term for an unofficial, and today little used, form of one of the two written languages in Norway, [Nynorsk (en: New Norwegian) (the other one being Bokmål. The basis for the High Norwegian language direction, is a wish to preserve the New Norwegian written language as an independent language, free of the strong influence from Bokmål that today's New Norwegian has.

The written High Norwegian language is a tradition originating from the first version of the New Norwegian written language (then called (Landsmål), as it was built by Ivar Aasen and later used by classical New Norwegian authors as Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, Arne Garborg, Olav Nygard and Olav H. Hauge.

Lessons edit

  1. Grammatical genders

Exercises edit

Vocabulary edit

  1. Numbers

Appendices edit

  • Appendix 1: Bokstavrekkja ~ Norwegian alphabet and Pronunciation Guide
  • Appendix 2: Phrase Book ~ Common phrases in Norwegian

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