Super Mario 64/Whomp's Fortress



Star 1 - Chip Off Whomp's Block


Start by jumping onto the stone wall. You can do this by backflipping onto it from the grassy ledge. Follow the arrows up and turn left. Get past the Piranha Plant either by jumping over it or by crawling past it. Go across the gray bridge quickly, because it will fall apart behind you. Cross the wooden bridge and wait for the rotating bridge to come to the ledge you're on. Go to the middle, and wait for it to rotate to the other ledge. Run onto the ledge, then continue past the Whomp. Go to the right and go past the second Whomp, and jump on the rotating elevator. Jump off onto the top of the mountain and go to the giant Whomp. To defeat it, you need to go in front of it to make it fall, but run under it just as it's about to crush Mario. Jump on its back and do a ground pound (jump and push Z before you land). You will need to do this three times before the Whomp will give you a star.

Star 2 - To The Top Of The Fortress


Again, travel to the top of the mountain, but this time you'll find a tower. Climb it using the moving blocks, and you'll find the star at the top.

Star 3 - Shoot Into The Wild Blue


To get this star, you must first speak to the pink bob-omb and get him to prepare the cannons for you. Having done that, all you need to do is shoot yourself onto the platform to the left - the one under the flag pole. Aim above the platform above the star. Once you get there (it may take a few tries if you're not used to the cannon), climb down the pole and the star's right there. You can also side flip and wall jump to the platform.

Star 4 - Red Coins On The Floating Isles


Again, find eight red coins scattered throughout the course.

  1. Start in the shallow pool and long jump up the black incline to reach the first coin.
  2. On your way up the mountain, there are three pieces of wall that poke out at intervals. A red coin is on top of the middle one.
  3. The third coin is above the second blue Thwomp. Get on the step above him and jump on his head.
  4. Another one is next to the piranha plant just past the Thwomps.
  5. Get the next red coin by walking (slowly!) across the ledge past the piranha plant.
  6. Travel on the rotating wooden plank for another red coin.
  7. The last two are on floating islands off of the top of the mountain. Jump and kick the plank so you can safely walk across.

The Star appears in the field near where you started. If you have enough health, you may be able to survive a well positioned fall to the star. If not, just walk back down the mountain and take it.

Star 5 - Fall Onto The Cage Island


First, climb up the tree near the start of the level. Once you do so, an owl will come out and offer you a ride. Jump into his claws and steer him towards the cage that holds the star up there in the sky. Drop yourself in and claim your prize.

Star 6 - Blast Away The Wall

Shoot out the corner wall hiding this star.

Go to the cannon again, but this time aim to the right. You want to hit the side of the brown wall near the top. If you get this right, it will shatter revealing a star (see screenshot to right). Climb up to the wall, slide down to the star, and you've got it. (alternatively you can just fire yourself from the cannon right at the star: aim right above it).

Star 7 - Get 100 Coins


Again, getting 100 coins is worth a star.

  • Piranha plants are worth a five coins each
  • So are Whomps, but before you ground pound one, jump on it to earn one coin. You can do this up to five times before killing it for five more
  • Pounding on posts or circling then three times are also worth five coins.
  • Blue Coin switch
  • On the floating islands
  • On the rotating bridge
  • Above wild blue

This is the easiest 100 coin star in the game. Coins are everywhere you look. Attempt this while Star1-6 is selected, so that you can get some higher up coins if you even need them (You shouldn't!)

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