Super Mario 64/Tick Tock Clock

Location: Upper floor of castle, in the face of the clock.

Description: A tall level with swinging pendulums and a long drop.

Stopping Time


It is possible to alter the speed at which time flows in this level, making some stars easier or harder to get. To change the speed you need to enter when the clock is at different times.

  • Stopped: Big hand at 12.
  • Slow: Big hand at 3.
  • Fast: Big hand at 9.
  • Reverse: Big hand at 5

Original stars


Star 1: Roll Into The Cage


Easiest with time stopped. Proceed up the clock. After a little ways, you will see a star in a cage. ride the rotating platform in to the cage, and get the star.

Star 2: The Pit And The Pendulums


Easiest with time stopped. Go a little farther than the first star, and jump past the pendulums to the star.

Star 3: Get A Hand


Easiest with time fast. Go up farther than the second star to where the rotating hand is. Stand on it and let it swing you around to where the star is.

Star 4: Stomp On The Thwomp


Easiest with time slow. Go as far up as you can. Ride the second rotating hand to where the thwomp is. Backflip on to the top of the thwomp and ride it to the star.

Star 5: Timed Jumps On The Moving Bars


Easiest with time slow. Above star 3, you will see three beams moving in and out of the wall. climb them to the star.

Star 6: Stop Time For Red Coins


Easiest with time stopped. Get all 8 red coins. They are on the rotating platforms to the right of the start.

Star 7: 100 Coins


Easiest with time stopped. Forget about the red coins. Be sure to get the blue coins in front of star 2. All the rest of the coins are in yellow ! boxes, and just sitting around.

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