Super Mario 64/Bob-omb Battlefield

Time to save Peach once again, this time in 3-D!

The first course in the game. When you enter Peach's Castle go left up the small stairs and through the door. Jump through the painting.



Star 1 - Big Bob-omb On The Summit


To get this star, you must climb to the top of the mountain and battle King Bob-Omb. To defeat this boss, run around behind him, grab him, pick him up, and throw him three times. Beware water bombs on the battlefield shot from cannons on the mountain.

When fighting, King Bob-omb will only take damage if you throw him to the ground on the summit. Throwing him off of the summit inflicts no damage, and he will bounce right up. His attack is throwing you across the summit. For your victory after three successful throws, King Bob-omb will give you a well-deserved star!

Star 2 - Footrace With Koopa The Quick


There is a Koopa near the start of the level. Talk to him and he will challenge you to a race to the top of the hill. Beat him and he will give you a star. Using the cannons or the Wing Cap is considered cheating, so follow these tips to beat him:

  • Run up the grassy incline on the mountain - its faster than the winding road around the mountain (in order to do this aim yourself toward the red coin and just hold the control stick directly up, you'll eventually make it to the top)
  • Use the teleporter in the lower mountain alcove to jump immediately to the upper mountain alcove (This is not cheating!)
  • Use the warp in the flowers

Star 3 - Shoot To The Island In The Sky


Talk to the pink bomb, he will open the cannon jump into the cannon then FIRE, don't aim, you should land at the tall white cannon. Jump into the tall white cannon, aim a little above the floating island and FIRE! You should land on the floating island.There's a ! box on the floating island that contains a star.

Star 4 - Find The 8 Red Coins


There are eight coins to find in this course. You must have unlocked the cannons: if you have not yet, talk to the pink bombs.

  1. For the first coin, go straight and to the left and jump onto the moving platforms. At the top is the first red coin. Note that the platforms flip over at the top: Jump up before it flips.
  2. On your left is a Chain Chomp. Trace his chain back and you'll find a pole with a red star on top. Wait outside of the chain chomp's reach till he's lunged at you, then run past and grab the coin.
  3. The next coin is located in the field to your right. There are two rocky outcroppings. The farther one has the coin on top of it. Run up the side to acquire it.
  4. Fourth is on top of the Floating Island. Use the cannon on top of the other rock to shoot up. Aiming straight up will drop you right on top. The red coin is above the tree. Hop into the cannon and aim yourself over the mountain, slightly to the right.
  5. You should end up in a grassy plain, with the mountain trail nearby. Shortly up the trail, there should be a split: off to one side is a slide with a red coin on the way down. This coin may take several tries: It may help to jump out onto the slide. Or, start at the bottom of the incline and run up to it WITHOUT JUMPING. If you fail, take the mountain path back up around.
  6. Moving on, right through the gate is a small bridge. Drop down onto the RIGHT side (looking out towards the field), and in the alcove is a coin, a switch, and a life. Grab the coin and one up!
  7. Backtrack to the field with the four posts. In this field are the last two coins, as well as the star shadow that marks where the star will appear.

Star 5 - Mario Wings To The Sky


To get this star, you must first shoot yourself, via the cannon, up to the island in the sky. If you've completed the Tower of the Wing Cap, there will be a red exclamation point box with a wing cap inside. Grab the cap and hop into the cannon on the island. Aim for the rings of coins, and if you get the center coin from each of the five rings, a star will appear in the field below.

Star 6 - Behind Chain Chomp's Gate


From the start of the level, go over the bridge and run towards the large chain chomp. Ground stomp on the pole holding the chomp there three times, and the chomp will runaway after smashing the gate in front of the star. Just walk over and jump at the star to obtain it.

Star 7 - Get 100 Coins


As with every course in the game, collecting 100 coins earns a star. In this course, you need to collect nearly every coin, so look everywhere! Places to find coins:

  • Red Coins
  • Defeating every black Bob-omb and Goomba
  • The trail up the mountain
  • The rings off of the floating island)
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