Super Mario 64/Wet-Dry World

Wet, dry, wet, dry... Which is it in this Wet-Dry World?!

Location: Second floor of castle, right in front of you when you get there.

Description: Water level. Water can be raised or lowered by touching the switches.

Bob-omb Buddy: Jump in to the painting at the top (you can do this by standing 2 squares away from the painting and backflip in). The Bob-omb buddy is on a platform just above the water level.

Original stars


Star 1: Shocking Arrow Lifts


Touch the highest switch in the level (straight ahead from where you start, on the 45 degree slope) Swim to where the star is (a yellow block just above water level) and hit it for the star.

Star 2: Top o' The Town


Go as high as you can and walk across the long plank. The star is on the highest platform.

Star 3: Secrets In The Shallows And The Sky


Find all 5 secret spots. One is behind the block that you push at the very bottom of the level, one is in the yellow box that you can get by standing on the block that you push at the very bottom of the level, one is behind the block you push into a hole near one of the catapolters, one is in the yellow box above the cage with the star in it, and one is in the yellow box on top of the small island that the shocker is spinning around.

Star 4: Express Elevator - Hurry Up!!


Get the water all the way down and butt-slam the block by the tall thin cage. Get up to the top of the cage and ride the elevator down. Quickly go in and ride it back up to the star.

Star 5: Go To Town For 8 Red Coins


Get all 8 red coins. You have to shoot out of the cannon to the cage in the far corner, and swim through a tunnel to the town. Lower the water, and use a series of backflips and long jumps to get to the red coins. To facilitate reaching the canon, make sure you jump high into the painting, to set a high initial water level.

Star 6: Quick Race Through Downtown


Go to the town (see star 5) and get the Vanish Cap and run in to the cage on the other side of the level. Use wall jumps to get to the star at the top. Another way to get the star is once your in the cage backflip on to the vanishing cap box and then long jump over to the platform. You can also get the blue vanishing cap and run behind a red tiled roof. You have to quickly run to the cage where there is a brown box and backflip up to the steps.

Star 7: 100 coins


Just search for coins. After collecting as many coins as you can find in the main area of the stage, be sure to go "downtown" as described at star 5.

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