Super Mario 64/Secret Castle Stars

There are 15 secret castle stars which do not appear in regular courses.

TOAD (3)


Three stars are given by Toad, the mushroom. The first is in the basement, in the room with Hazy Maze Cave. Talk to Toad and he will give you a star. The next star is on the second floor in the castle. This Toad is located under the stairs. The last one is on the third floor next to the Tick Tock Clock.

Secret levels


The Princess' Secret Slide (2)


After you've collected 1 star, in the castle's main room, go up the stairs and to the right. Enter the door. Inside you will find a room with three glass paintings. Jump in the right one.

There are two stars in this level:

  1. One is at the bottom of the slide
  2. Another is awarded if Mario finishes less than 21 seconds. This can be done by jumping to the right when Mario gets to the first hill. If you time it right, you can land on the course and finish. Also, if you fall you don't lose a life. You simply respawn in the middle of the castle lobby.

The Secret Aquarium


In the room where you enter Jolly Roger Bay, go to the right and backflip into the hole in the wall. Collect the eight red coins.

Wing Mario Over The Rainbow


In the room with the Tick Tock Clock level, go to the left and enter the hole in the wall. Collect the eight red coins. This is one of the hardest stars in the game. If you fall down from this level you will not lose a life; instead, you will end up outside the castle.

MIPS (2)


After you have 15 stars and less than 50 stars a rabbit can be seen hopping around the basement (his name is MIPS). Catch him and he will give you a star.

The rabbit will return after you get more than 50 stars, he can be caught again for another star.

You can still catch him even after 50 stars or 100.

Bowser levels (3)


Collect eight red coins in all three Bowser levels.

Cap switch levels (3)


Collect eight red coins in all three cap switch levels.(Vanish Cap Under the moat, Cavern of the metal cap and Tower of the wing cap)

Tower of the Wing Cap


After you have 10 stars, go to the lobby of the castle and stand on the sun carpet. Look up. Collect the eight red coins and be sure to hit the switch!

Vanish Cap Under the Moat


After you have access to the basement, in the room with the two pillars, ground-pound them. It is found in the basement - the door with the blue flames around it.Go in it and swim through the tunnel. Then ground-pound the switches.This will cause the water level to drop and you can go through the door. Once outside, fall through the hole near the waterfall. Collect the eight red coins, and again, hit the switch. It is found at the very end of the level. And a side note, the star spawns in a cage requiring the vanish cap.

Cavern of the Metal Cap


In the Hazy Maze Cave level, go to the lake where Plessie is and ride her to go to the higher-up door. Fall in the metal pool inside. Collect the eight red coins. Be careful not to be pulled by the current to the back of the level as this will send you outside to the Castle Grounds. When getting the star, make sure you have the cap on!

All the stars in order:

Star 1: The Princess' Secret Slide 1 First floor of castle, up the stairs, door on the right with a star on it. jump through the picture on the right.

Star 2: The Princess' Secret Slide 2 Same location as extra star 1 (the princess' picture on the main floor of the castle). Finish the race in under 21 seconds. There is a shortcut to make this easier. Jump over the edge on the first turn. If you're lucky, you will land on the track far below. Butt-slam just before you land to get up faster.

Star 3: The Secret Aquarium In the room with the picture for course 3, there are 2 holes in the wall up high that you can jump into. Backflip in to the one on the left. Collect all 8 red coins for a star.

Star 4: Rabbit 1 After you have 15 stars, catch the bunny in the basement of the castle. when he's stopped at a dead end, approach him diagonally from the right. he will run right in to you.

Star 5: Rabbit 2 After you have 50 stars, the bunny will be back for more. Catch him again for a star.

Star 6: Toad 1 After you have 8 stars, talk to Toad (the mushroom guy) in the room with course 6. He will give you a star.

Star 7: Toad 2 After you have 31 stars, on the second floor, Toad will give you another star.

Star 8: Toad 3 After you have 50 stars, on the third floor, talk to Toad again and get a star.

Star 9: Wing Mario Over The Rainbow On the third floor, jump into the hole in the wall opposite course 15. There is a bonus level there. Collect all red coins for a star.

Star 10: Bowser 1 Bowser level 1 - get all 8 red coins. This is pretty easy. All the coins are basically in plain sight, except one. When you pound on the ! switch in the beginning of the level, go back and there is a red coin behind where you start.

Star 11: Bowser 2 Bowser level 2 - get all 8 red coins. Same as Bowser 1. Pretty easy.

Star 12: Bowser 3 Bowser level 3 - get all 8 red coins. This is harder than the other Bowser levels. There are two coins that are kind of hidden. One is on a tiny ledge under the tilting platforms. Change views to find it. The other is under the bridge right before bowsers pipe. All the rest are easy to find.

Star 13: Green Switch Green ! switch level - get all 8 red coins. You need to get the metal cap in the course to find all of the red coins.

Star 14: Blue Switch Blue ! switch level - get all 8 red coins. Coins are all out in the open, just be careful not to fall off the platforms as they turn over.

Star 15: Red Switch Red ! switch level - get all 8 red coins. When you start, go a little to the right and do a counterclockwise spiral grabbing red coins on the way down. If you miss any, start over.

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