Super Mario 64/Tall Tall Mountain

Help! I'm hanging off the edge of this Tall-Tall Mountain!

Location: Upper floor of castle. It is a picture smaller than the rest along the wall of the main room.

Description: A tall mountain with a secret slide, big waterfall, and monkeys.

Bob-omb Buddy: Start going up the mountain. On the platform just before the first monkey, look down. There he is, buddy!!

Original stars


Star 1: Scale The Mountain


At the very top of the mountain. I think it is easier to climb up above the gophers than to go the normal way (you skip the rolling log).

Star 2: Mystery Of The Monkey Cage


Go to the very top again and catch the monkey. He will open the cage for you. The star will end up far, far below.

Star 3: Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins


Get all 8 red coins. There are 4 on the mushrooms, and 4 on the cliff platforms (above the gophers).

Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside


Close to the top of the mountain, there is a square portion of cliff that ripples if you brush by it. Jump in to get on the secret slide. When the track splits, keep right. You have to go fast enough to make it across the jumps, so don't slow down. If you get to the bottom, your reward is a star.

Star 5: Breathtaking View From The Bridge


Scale the mountain until you reach the top just before the bridge where the monkey's cage was. There is a purple question mark switch nearby that once stepped on makes a box appear in front of the star behind the waterfall. (There is also a box that appears that allows you to reach all the coins on top of each other, but it is not relevant to this star.) Run to where the cage was before and jump onto the box before the times runs out, then walk through the waterfall. Behind the waterfall, you can collect the star.

Star 6: Blast To The Lonely Mushroom


Long jump from the mushroom where the red coin star is to the pathway far below. Go over to the cannon. Shoot to the mushroom with the star out on it. The pink activating dude is standing on a hard to find ledge. Take the hard way up the hill and where the wooden plank is past the purple thing that chucks you, there is a gap between the two ledge parts, jump in between them and you will find the pink mate. On the mushrooms where the red coins are, if you walk past most of them and get to the second last mushroom with the coin is, jump onto it. go to the next one and that and make a U-Turn type thing (big, small, big mushroom)if you jump to the one that is in front of him(a small one with 3 dots on him). jump onto the first white dot or the center of the white dots and it will take you to a secret place and follow the narrow track down to the cannon. if you shoot just above the star where the cloud is.

Star 7: 100 Coins


This is a snap. Get all the coins in the slide (there are three blue ones), then just search around for the rest. After dropping out from the slide, jump over the fence and you'll land about where one normally starts. Now you can roam for the rest of the coins. Doing it the other way 'round won't work (I think), because you won't be able to jump up and get the star while in the slide.

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