Super Mario 64/Rainbow Ride

Location: Upper floor of castle. On the right side in a hole in the wall as you face course 14.

Description: A sky level with rainbows, magic carpets, and a flying boat.

Bob-omb Buddy: Go below the red coins (see star 4), and wall jump above the blue coin box all the way to the top. The bob-omb buddy is there.

ShortCut!!! When you start, turn around and long jump to the pole behind you. This way, you skip one hard part of the course Just For Fun: Go to the Bob-omb Buddy's right, and long jump straight out. You will land far, far below on another platform.

Original stars


Star 1: Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow


Ride the magic carpets up to the floating ship. You have to take the left fork when the path splits. The star is on it. FUN!

Star 2: The Big House In The Sky


Do the same as star 1 except take the right fork. Ride all the way to the top.

Star 3: Coins Amassed in a maze


Get all 8 red coins. Go straight from the four spinning platforms and wall jump and backflip for all the red coins.

Star 4: Swingin' in the breeze


Go left from the four spinning platforms and follow it up to the wood slope. Climb up the slope and swing across to the star.

Star 5: Tricky Triangles!


Go left at the four spinning platforms and go past the wood slope. Hit the flat ! switch to turn the triangles upside down. Do a triple jump on the first two to skip two of the triangles. The star is at the top.

Star 6: Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Get to the floating ship (see star 1) and shoot out of the cannon through the rainbow ring. The star is on that island.

Star 7: 100 Coins


Be sure to get all the blue coins where the Bob-omb buddy is. Also get the red coins. Don't even bother going up towards star 1 and 2. Go towards star 4 and 5 for the rest of the coins.

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