Super Mario 64/Jolly Roger Bay

Avast, me mateys! Below these waters lie treasures long lost. Its slow, trancelike background music expresses the feel of the level perfectly: calm but somewhat sinister. Welcome to the watery depths of Jolly Roger Bay.



Star 1 - Plunder on the Sunken Ship


This first star lies in the course's centerpiece, the sunken ship of the unnamed pirates. The ship lies at the bottom of the large empty pool straight ahead. Watch out for the eel, guarding the only entrance. Swim past the eel quickly (rapidly tap the jump button to swim faster), and it will lunge out at you then swim away. If it hits you, swim to the surface to replenish your power.

Once the eel has left, swim in through the window. The interior of the ship is only accessible with this star selected. Inside the ship should be a chest, open it to drain the water. If you are quick enough, you can swim up some of the way to the star while the water is draining. Then follow an upward jumping puzzle to get to the star in the ! box.

When visiting the course for the first time, a thin layer of mist is visible above the ground, and the sky is far less bright as usual, making the appearance of stormy weather. After collecting the star, this weather does never reappear on that game progress file, even when selecting the first star again.

Star 2 - Can The Eel Come Out To Play?


This star lies in the area where the ship once lay (it has now risen to the surface, but ignore it for now). Go back to the area and you will see the eel that was in the ship now sticking from a small green alcove in the sea wall. Swim up to it the same way you did for the first star and it will lunge at you and leave the alcove. The star is located on its tail. Chase its tail around until you touch the star. After you touch it, the star will move over to where the alcove is. Swim over and retrieve it.

Star 3 - Treasure In The Ocean Cave


This star is located in a cave that is in the central location where the ship once was. Swim over to the location and avoid the eel swimming around. Go towards the bottom and you will see a ring of coins in front of a cave. Swim towards the cave and resurface on the other side. Run across the cave, avoiding the stone pillars that try to fall on you. Run up to where four treasure chests are laying. To get the treasure, open the chests in this order: back, left, right, front. (If you touch them out of order, they will shock you and you will have to start over). The star will appear in the center.

Star 4 - Red Coins On The Ship Afloat


You will have to do the usual red coin collecting for this level. The locations of the coins are as follows:

  1. Go to where the pink Bob-omb is and jump onto the nearby pillar. Climb to the top to retrieve the coin.
  2. Go underwater right next to the floating platform. There should be a clamshell with the red coin there. Swim near it to make it open up.
  3. From the starting point, swim straight underwater. The coin should be in the first clam you see.
  4. Still underwater, swim towards the bases of the tall pillars sticking out (the ones near the platform of star #5). The clam next to them should have the coin.
  5. Swim to the location of where the ship once was and explore the clams on the bottom. One of them has another coin.
  6. Resurface, and go to where the floating platform between the two gray platforms is. Jump onto the platform opposite the one with the pink Bob-omb, and press the purple switch to make boxes appear. Use the narrow walkways to get to the ship. Once on the ship, walk to the bow and get the coin.
  7. Walk to the back of the ship and jump over the cabin to get this one.
  8. This coin is on the ship, right next to the last one on the list.

Star 5 - Blast To The Stone Pillar


You will need the cannon to be operational for this star. Swim over to the right wall to where the floating pad is between the two gray platforms. Jump up onto the platform where the pink Bob-omb is and talk to it to open the cannon. Swim back over to the cannon at the beginning and jump in. Aim straight at the first tall pillar sticking up out of the ground. Aim the cannon a bit above it so that when you shoot Mario, he grabs onto the top. Fire the cannon. If Mario is able to hang on, turn him towards the small platform sticking out of the left wall where the star is. Jump to the platform and retrieve the star.

Star 6 - Through The Jet Stream


This one is simple, but you cannot get it until you have the Metal Cap. After you unlock the Metal Cap from Hazy Maze Cave, go to the cave that you got star #3 in. Grab the Metal Cap and walk back out to where the big jet stream in the middle of the former sunken ship location is. With the Metal Cap on, the stream will not push you to the surface. Walk over the grate and jump up to get the star.

Star 7 - Get 100 Coins


A few places to get some coins:

  • All of the red coins
  • The narrow walkways by the floating ship
  • The ring of coins by the cave
  • Defeating the Goombas at the start of the level and in the cave

It may take some time to find 100 coins in this level, but it's possible.

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