Super Mario 64/Snowman's Land

Do you want to build a snowman~? Well, I'd sure hope not, because we're walking right in the territory of this Snowman's Land!

Location: Upper floor of castle, in the room with the huge mirror in it. Jump in to the wall on the far left side.

Description: Ice level with a gigantic snowman, an igloo, and a big bully made of ice.

Bob-omb Buddy: Inside the igloo (see star 6)

Original stars


Star 1: Snowman's Big Head


Go to the top of the snowman. You have to get past the iceblock shooter. use triple jumps. Next you must get past the snowmans mouth. Ride on top of the penguin (backflip to his head) and go up to the star.

Star 2: Chill With The Bully


Knock the big ice bully off his ice platform by jumping on his head.

Star 3: In The Deep Freeze


Go in to the big ice block by the start. Get to the top of the block by backflipping, and fall down the other hole to the star.

Star 4: Whirl From The Freezing Pond


Go to where the ice block shooter stops, and find the spindrift. Jump on its head and float over the water to where there are two yellow blocks. The one on the left is the star.

Star 5: Shell Shreddin' for red coins


Get all 8 red coins. Use the shell (see star 4) to collect all the red coins. There are four nearby the shell (keep to the left after getting it), two just sitting on the snow in the open, and two under the Big Bully.

Star 6: Into the Igloo


Get the shell located next to star 4. Surf over to where the ice bully is, and go up the steep slope with a line of coins. Crawl in to the igloo. You must get the vanish cap inside to get the star. To get to the vanish cap, take the first right past the star, then the first left. Backflip over the half wall, and there it is.

Star 7: 100 Coins


Get all the coins in the igloo, all the red coins, and be sure to kill all the enemies. You can kill the snowmen by running around them

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