Super Mario 64/Hazy Maze Cave

Left, right, left, right... aw, who cares? It's way too dark in this Hazy Maze Cave!

Hazy Maze Cave is located in the basement of Peach's Castle. To access this area, you must have beaten Bowser in the Dark World and gotten the basement key. Location: Basement. Go through the door with the star on it, and jump in to the pool of metal.

Description: Cave level with yellow mist, falling boulders, and a black hole.

Original stars


Star 1: Swimming Beast In The Cavern


Go to the underground lake and get on the beast's back. Do a butt slam, and get on to his head. Jump to the center island for the star.

Star 2: Elevate for 8 Red Coins


Get all 8 red coins. You will have to use the moving platform and the four way platform. Remember to butt-slam those blocks!!!

Star 3: Metal Head Mario Can Move


Get the metal cap by the underground lake. Run down following the path and follow the path underwater to the switch. Stand on the switch to open the gate. You have to do a double long jump to get to the star.

Star 4: Navigating The Toxic Maze


When you enter the level, go to the right. Navigate past the gaps, and long jump over the gap at the end. Go through the door and slide down the pole. Go down the second hallway on your left, which should be green, and enter the wooden door at the end. Follow the path and drop Mario into the small hole at the end. You are now in the Toxic Maze. The gas in the maze is poisonous to Mario. If the health meter drops too low, be sure to get onto higher ground and look for coins, or an enemy to kill. The metal cap will protect Mario from the gas, so wear it at all times when possible. Start here by going past the green cap block, using it if you have unlocked it, and take a right. You will come to an intersection, take a left and go around the corner past the door. Keep following the path and look up occasional for the door, as it's difficult to see it from the ground. Once you get into the second steel door, go past the bats and fireball, and get out and hop on the square transporter.

Star 5: A-maze-ing Emergency Exit


Find the blue coin box in the hazy maze. Stomp it and follow the trail of blue coins. Where the pillar of blue coins is, backflip up to the hole in the wall. You will have to swing on the bars to get to the star.

Star 6: Watch For Rolling Rocks


Go to the door by where the rocks fall. Wall jump up the walls to the high platform, the star is there.

Star 7: 100 Coins


There are blue coins in the maze, plus a bunch of coins from enemies. Also get the red coins. It's hard, but possible.

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