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The Documentary Story edit

  1. The story of the story
  1. Project approved!
  2. The MDGS
  3. We have a story
  4. Getting partners on board
  5. The project objectives
  6. The real project challenges
  7. Searching for the questions to ask
  8. WIKI issues
  9. The round table in Tuscany
  10. The false correctness of the politically correct
  11. Shooting starts in India
  12. Does Charity empower?
  13. The boss is never happy (especially if it is a project manager)
  14. Beyond the Monomyth (towards the narration of the dialogical journey)
  15. The wonders of YouTube channel
  16. Project economical crisis
  17. Getting the RAI on board
  18. The motorcycle journey from Rome to Beirut
  19. Reaching Vrinda in Lebanon
  20. In Syria to understand which projects we can cover there
  21. Environmental awareness in Syria
  22. AIDOS in Syria
  23. Italian civilian-military cooperation in Lebanon
  24. More recording in Syria
  25. Sierra Leone - preparing the ground
  26. Sierra Leone 2 – production
  27. Leaving the RAI team alone to plan according to their objectives
  28. Colombia 1 – Preproduction
  29. Aired TV7s
  30. Francesco’s work in India with Fausto
  31. Preparing a manual
  32. Editing the stories
  33. Adding more stories in India
  34. Wiki threads between definitions and openness
  35. Assessing the progress with Armadilla colleagues
  36. Back to Damascus - Training Syrian journalists
  37. Colombia 2 – Production
  38. At Brussels
  39. The motorcycle journey back to Rome
  40. RAI1 broadcasts the Speciale TG1 with the news documentary on our project
  41. Distribution as a another story
  42. Community as distributor

Incomplete sections edit

  1. We need to talk about programmes
  2. At KFI - And now let's programme!
  3. Court fight continues for the Varanasi Heritage
  4. Integrating KFI programme development in the Handbook
  5. How to bypass the communication diaphragms?
  6. Should we propose 2 new MDGs ?
  7. Data, numbers and emotions

Discarded sections edit

  1. Integrating the video material with the manual
  2. Finalizing the editing script of the documentary

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