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In Syria to understand what we can cover there

I had another 2 weeks before the RAI team arrived in Syria. I took again the motorbike and went to Damascus to prepare the ground, as much as possible.

I went to the Syrian institutional partner, the one that was not answering to the latest e-mails, and discovered that it had been suddenly closed. Probably the Director had some sort of confrontation with the establishment. Or was found guilty of some misappropriation. No one will ever know. The institution was closed. We had lost our partner.

However the Delegation of the European Union in India and the Italian Embassy were very positive and supporting attitude. They gave us the list of the cooperation projects in progress in Syria and their suggestions on which are the most relevant. We were invited to the EU-Syria day at the University where we had the opportunity to meet many project leaders.

Among all the projects two were the ones that seemed to me most interesting. One was the Business Simplification programme. The other was the Public Decentralization programme. But there were at least other 5 interesting projects.

I had all what I needed. Now it was the time for the team from Italy to arrive. And we would have started shooting in Syria.

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