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At Brussels

We had completed the four planned locations in the developing countries, where we collected stories from the projects “on the ground”. But before closing the production cycle I felt the need of showing “where the money comes from” and put faces to the donors. So we went to Brussels.

After hearing a lot of complains about “EU bureaucracy” I expected that it would not have been easy to get access to the powerhouse and talk to the powerful ones. But I was wrong. Not only we could hold interviews to EuropeAid spokesperson, but also to the Commissioner himself. At the EU parliament was even better and we could have 5 nice long interviews to Parliamentarians.

We met also persons working in the Association of European NGOs working in the international Development Cooperation sector.

Brussels had shown us her smiling face.

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  Andris Piebalgs - EU Commissioner Developmentplaylist  
  Catherine Ray - Spokesperson for EuropeAidplaylist  
  David Sassoli - EU Parliamentarianplaylist  
  Etikwa Ikutu - CONCORDplaylist  
  Nirj Deva - Vice President Development Committeeplaylist  
  Olivier Consolo - Director CONCORDplaylist  
  Rilli Lappalainen - NGDO Platformplaylist  
  Roberto Gualtieri - EU Parliamentarianplaylist  
  Silvia Costa - EU Parliamentarianplaylist  
  Toine Mandres - EU Parliamentarianplaylist  


  Stefano e Francesco a Brussels - Dialogo sulla UE