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Catherine Ray is the Spokesperson for Europe Aid.

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Catherine Ray
Spokesperson for EuropeAid
Brussels, Belgium July 2011

Conversation with Vrinda Dar at the EC Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium edit

Brussels, Belgium July 2011

European Union commitment to International Cooperation edit

EuropeAid Development priorities and methodologies - How the programmes are designed and how the projects are financed

Why EU uses EU tax payers money to finance development in other countries?

"So we believe that investing in aid because it's an investment, it is not charity, is one of the smartest investment we can do, because we have to help each other so that the whole world basically can grow can be safer can be more environmental safer as well so really all have an interest in that. So that's why we believe that taxpayers money are definitely not badly spend and that the investment are returning back in the EU."

EuropeAid - Development priorities and methodologies
The commitments of EU to spend the 0.7 % of gdp in development cooperation

EU commitments for development assistance effectiveness edit

EU Transparency, accountability end effectiveness of EU funded projects
Catherine Ray - How EU ensures that the money spent for aid is well spent

Focusing EU Development area on fewer areas with potential higher impact

How to inform the EU citizens of the development work done with their money edit

The challenges in giving visibility to the work done by EuropeAid