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So far we used Internet to reach out directly to the public. Why do not we try to use also a means for distribution?

We decided to create a Google Plus logo.png Google+ community specifically dedicated to distribution, and we started building the partnerships for distribution and broadcast of the edited episodes. Which we continued to edit as the story of the documentary moved on in overcoming the distribution challenges. Thanks to the feedback from the distributor-community and of the users of this Wikibook, we got new ideas for improvement and customization of the documentary for specific target audiences.

Wilma, who was the first of the members of the producing team to share the efforts for distributing the documentary posed an important question. But which broadcaster would be interested to distribute on the "small screen" something that is being already "aired" through the Internet? I had not thought to it, since for me these are different medias and surely is interesting to make a film of something that already has been seen in theaters and read in books. Internet and TVs have different audiences and are seen through a different relational pragmatics. They can well coexist. But the mentality of Television is generally very narrowly confined to self centered stereotypes and they want to be "the news", which for them often means "the first" (as if the whole people were watching the whole palimpsest of all the televisions all the time!) .

I suggested her to challenge this self centered notion of the televisions, And actually present to the television the fact (that was true) that we were narrating (in the television) the story of how a group of people had created an Internet channel and a wikibook on the International Cooperation of development. It was the story of that adventure, which we collected in the videos and that we were presenting to the TV audience for the first time.

Wilma decided to contact one of the Directors she interviewed at the Biografilm Festival, an Italian Documentary Festival focused on Lives/Biographies. Wilma found out that in fact now TV broadcasts do not care about the presence or not of the products on the Internet because TV audience in altogether a different one. They only care what the other broadcasters have in their shelves.

She said that what we needed to do was finding out a good sales agent or distributor. She took responsibility of searching for one.

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