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Colombia 2 – Production

I have never received such an hospitality as I received from Bibiana and her colleagues at the Alcandia of Bogota’. In just 3 days we covered extensively three projects. They also organized a conference for us. The interview with the Secretaria was also very good.

I just wanted one more story outside Bogota’. And I got in contact with an NGO working in La India with the “desplasados”.

I was really satisfied with the images we had collected.

Francesco reached me later, because he had problems obtaining the visa. We had agreed that we would have done without Franco the cameraman; formally to save money; in reality to save us from his arrogant laziness. Francesco went to Cartagena for some reason that he did not tell us. And that was good so I was free to work in my way. The only problem was that the cameraman from Bogota’ did not have much experience. Some images are shaky and even out of focus. But I really enjoyed over there where for some time I did not have to manage my team of very motivated, but quite undisciplined colleagues. I like very much the dimention of team work. But also sometimes I like the diminution of being a lonely bear. In fact, what I like most, is mixing the two. Sometimes in a clan; sometimes alone; sometimes in the crowds, sometimes in hermitage.

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