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Aired TV7s

While we were continuing with the production, Francesco had prepared three more reportages that had been broadcast by the Italian Television in a news magazine named TV7. Probably the most important news magazine produced by the Italian State television. It has a great history and it is still a good programme, although its quality had been constantly declining.

Besides the reportage on Syrian and Lebanese archeology, a reportage on the Italian military presence in Lebanon and a reportage on the child soldiers in Sierra Leone had been aired. They were good news pieces. But again they lacked power and innovation.

My problem now was to justify the work progress this in front of the colleagues at Armadilla. Are RAI people just taking the footage they find it useful for their purpose but derailing from the project objectives? I had some tough time trying to convince Marco that the main reportage that was going to be centered on the project objectives would have been prepared at the end, with the whole footage collected. And that in any case I was collecting other material that I could have edited more in line with the project objectives.

In fact for me the process was going in the right direction, because it was continuing to show the mental stereotypes of news makers, which had in fact become the main documentary focus.

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