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Assessing the progress with Armadilla colleagues

Two more TV7 were produced by Francesco on the basis of the material collected in India.

One was about Tiziano Terzani.

One about Sadguru.

I had a meeting at Armadilla headquarters about the work in progress. Marco was happy that our reportages were being broadcast on the most prestigious news magazine of the Italian television. It was Vincenzo who insisted more on our independent editing of the stories so as to be closer to the formal commitments of our contractual agreement with EU.

I explained my approach of focusing on how the journalists report the international projects. But Vincenzo insisted more and more in aligning the documentary to the MDGs. The insistence of Vincenzo and the scarcity of commitment of Francesco on this line forced me to spend more resources on the formality of the contract, which finally were wasted on the preparation of the “real” product. As anyway I tried to reduce to a minimum such wastage, the relationship with Vincenzo became less cordial. I had to use strategies in order to get them deliver the final installments of payments that I required for going to South America. But before that I wanted to go to Syria again, to finish what I had started there. It was also the time that some clashes started occurring in Syria and I wanted to be there to report first hand on what was happening.

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