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Francesco’s work in India with Fausto and Gauri

Fausto had been extremely efficient in providing logistical and organizational support to Francesco in India. And he had been more patient and efficient of me to patiently bring Francesco in line, as much as possible, with the project objectives.

Francesco followed an editorial line that he already started in Sierra Leone with father Berton: presenting the hero. In South India he followed the Sadguru; in North India Tiziano Terzani. In both the stories the narrative was showing “special men”. That was not an approach I liked as I wanted to focus on the collective nature of international cooperation projects. And Fausto had difficult times to collect footage which was showing the cooperative element of work, and not the leader greatness.

Even in the reportage he did on Kautilya Society in India he tended to talk more of Vrinda as the hero, rather than focusing on the policy issues of heritage protection. Anyway that is what is commonly used in news making: heroes and devils; good and bad guys. So I had it on camera. Now the question is is I would be able to criticize that approach. Or rather, more difficult, to find an alternative approach which could be in line with the dimension of cooperation and dialogue.

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