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Adding more stories in India

Francesco had done "his" stories about Jaggi Vasudev, the environmentally minded hindu guru of Coimbatore, in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu and about Tiziano Terziani, an Italian journalist who had been living in the Himalayas in the State of Uttarkhand.

It was Vrinda who sounded the alarm bell. Francesco had collected video material that was outside the programme objectives. We needed to return to the field and collect more stories. Fausto and Gauri did it.

They went to Kolkata for a story on sexual workers.

And in the proximity of Varanasi they covered a story of education and one about the right to work in rural India.

Here Gauri and Fausto are adding information

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Stories edit

 Employment as a Right
 Living with Dignity

 Right to Learn

Video clips edit

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  On YouTube ⇒ Living with Dignity - playlist

Interviews edit

  Amitabh Behar - Campaign Conveyor of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan ⇒ - playlist
  Anand Kumar - development expert ⇒ - playlist
  C.B. Rao - United Nation officer - - playlist
  Jean Drèze - economist ⇒ - playlist
  J.M. Balmorugan - Indian Government Officer ⇒ - playlist
  Megan Willams - journalist ⇒ - playlist
  Pietro Cocco - journalistplaylist  
  R.K. Pachauri - , TERI ⇒ - playlist
  Rajesh Kumar Jha - Programme Officer for the Centre for World Solidarity ⇒ - playlist    
  Sadhguru - founder of the Isha Foundation ⇒ - playlist
  Shiva Kumar - development economist ⇒ - playlist
  Vandana Shiva

Backstage edit

 Backstage - India - Stefano and Fausto