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Rajesh Kumar Jha
Sr. Programme Officer for the Centre for World Solidarity
India, New Delhi, 2 April 2010

Interviewed by Fausto Aarya De Santis in the context of the reportage on The Millennium Village Project - Jharkhand Millenium Village Project - playlist

Millenium Village Project - playlist

What do the MDGs mean to you? Do you see hope in the MDGs? edit

What do the MDGs mean to me

These problems used to exist earlier and still exit today.
The MDGs have interlinked all these problems by bringing them together.
Income's relation with food security,
and these two's relation with education
and all these combined relation with the environment...
the MDGs have created a platform
to think about all these issues together
and not keep them compartmentalized
as different.

What Message would you give to the Donors? edit

Our message to the donors
As small NGOs we don't have the capacity to change the whole district, state or country, but these small funds are very important to mobilize the community, to involve them in the planning and as a result the people are able to take care of themselves.
Most of the project are not owned by the community and they have a top to bottom approach where the state formulates and the project which in turn will have an effect on the people. Instead these projects have a bottom to top approach where the community tries to understand what is it that they need, how they need it, where they need it and then the projects are implemented.

What is it that motivates you to work in the social sector? edit

I'm a geologist by profession but i landed up in this profession by default

What makes me really happy and satisfied when because of me i see people stand up on their own feet and become more aware of their right... a satisfaction which maybe if i was in a 'normal' job would not have got.

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