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Armenia is a country before the declaration of its independence, for more than 70 years has been a part of the Soviet Union, called Armenian SSR. The country officially declared its independence from the USSR in 1990. There was a referendum held, according to which, the full independence of Armenia was declared in 1991. After the creation of the third Republic of Armenia, the country received international recognition and many states started establishing diplomatic relations with Armenia.

Where is Armenia?Edit

Geographically, Armenia is located in the continent of Europe. Armenia is bordered by Azerbaijan to the east, Iran to the south, Turkey to the west, and Georgia to the north.

How many people live in Armenia?Edit

According to the official census as of 2016, the population of the country is estimated at 3 million people consisting of Armenians (97.9%), Yazidis (1.3%) and others (1%)

What are the most common languages in Armenia?Edit

Armenian is the offical language of Armenia. There are sub-group language of Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian.

What is the most common religion in Armenia?Edit

94% of Armenians are Armenian Christian ( a sect of Christianity)

What is the sport of Armenia?Edit

Aremenia stamps depict Tigran Petrosian and Yerevan Chess House

Popular sports in Armenia are chess whereas there are many chessmaster coming from Armenia such as Tigran Petrosian,Rafael Vaganian ,Smbat Lputian, and Arshak Petrosian.

What are some important sites?Edit

Noravank - It is one of Armenia’s defining characteristics monastery with the sheer brick-red cliffs shield the monastery, which was built in the 13th century. Noravank is famous for its Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) church.

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