Jordan is a part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918 and later a mandate of the United Kingdom, Jordan has been an independent kingdom since 1946.

The capital city is Amman and the currency used is Jordanian Dinar.

Where is Jordan?


Jordan is located north to Syria , northeast to Iraq, southeast to Saudi Arabia

How many people live in Jordan?


There are estimation of 5.61 million populations based on 2015 census.The majority population of Jordan are Jordanians (69.4%) , Syrians (13.3%), Palestinian (6.7%), Egyptians (6.7%), Iraqi (71.4%) with significant minority of Bedouin (2.5%), who were by far the largest indigenous group before the influx of Palestinians following the Arab-Israeli wars of 1948–49 and 1967.

What are the most common languages in Jordan?


Jordan's official language is Arabic. English is the most commonly used second language and is widely spoken by middle and upper-class Jordanians.

What is the most common religion in Jordan?


92% of Jordanians are Sunni Muslim, and Islam is the official religion of Jordan. About 6% of Jordanians are Christians - mostly Greek Orthodox, with smaller communities from other Orthodox churches. 2% of population practices other faiths

What is the sport of Jordan?


Jordanians are practicing rugby as their sports

What are some important sites?

Lowest point (1971) in Jordan

Dead Sea - Dead Sea is a technically lake located between center/south of Jordan in the Jordan Rift Valley and Israel . It is fed by many rivers and streams, such as the Jordan River and intermittent streams Al-ʿUẓaymī, Zarqāʾ Māʿīn, Al-Mawjib, and Al-Ḥasā..It is 55 km long and varies between 18 km and 3 km in width. The salt content are among the highest in the world which enable one to float effortlessly on the lake. It is the place where the one of the most world lowest point (below sea level) of the world is located . The name itself derives from earliest translations of the name of the Dead Sea into non-indigenous languages often use its original name of “The Salt Sea”, but already by the Roman Era, visitors to Judea had begun to refer to the sea as the “Dead Sea”, as they were mostly struck with how the waters were devoid of all life-forms, whether plants or living creatures.

Petra Treasury Entrance

Petra - It is an archeological site which was carved directly into vibrant red, white, pink, and sandstone cliff faces. The most popular one that are shown in Indiana Jones Film are the Treasury Entrance

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