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Where is Cyprus?Edit

It is located located south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon , northwest of Israel and Palestine, north of Egypt, and southeast of Greece.

How many people live in Cyprus?Edit

According to 2011 Cyprus census, it is estimated about 839,000 Cypriots lived there. About 77% of populations are Greek Cypriots, 18% are Turkish and 5% other

What are the most common languages in Cyprus?Edit

Both Cypriot Greek and Cypriot Turkish are the most common language used in Cyprus but Cypriot Greek are used by the government, courts, administration, media, and educational institutes of Cyprus

What is the most common religion in Cyprus?Edit

The most common religion in Cyprus are Islam (78%) followed by Christianity (25%) and others (2%)

What is the sport of Cyprus?Edit

Due to its location is surrounded by water, sailing is the unofficial national sport of Cyprus

What are some important sites?Edit

St Hilarion Castle - It is named after the monk Hilarion, who fled persecution in the Holy Land. He lived (and died) in a mountain cave that overlooked the Kyrenia plain, protecting the pass between the coast and Nicosia (Lefkosia). In the 10th century the Byzantines built a church and monastery over Hilarion’s tomb. Due to the site’s strategic position, it was used as a watchtower and beacon during the Arab raids of the 7th and 8th centuries and was an important link in the communication chain between Buffavento and Kantara Castles further east.

Sites in Kourion
House of Gladiators

Ancient Kourion - An archaeological site in Lemesos, it is perched on a hillside, with a sweeping view of the surrounding patchwork fields and the sea. It consists of Christian Basilica, house of Eustolius, house of the Gladiators, northern plateau ruins and roman theatre

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