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Where is Georgia?Edit

Georgia is bordering Black Sea to the west, southwest to Turkey, southeast to Azerbaijan and Armenia.

How many people live in Georgia?Edit

There are about 4 million people living in Georgia according to 2012 population census. Ethnic Georgians account for 84% of the population, with other ethnicity including Armenians, Greeks, Russians, Jews, Azerbaijanis, Ossetians, and Abkhazians.

What are the most common languages in Georgia?Edit

The official language is Georgian. It is spoken as a first language by over 86% of the population. Georgian is divided into East Georgian and West Georgian groups that are together related to other languages spoken in the country including Laz and Svan.

What is the most common religion in Georgia?Edit

Vast majority of Georgia’s population is Christian, with most belonging to the Georgian Orthodox Church; with 65% of Georgians were Georgian Orthodox, 11% were Muslim, 10% Russian Orthodox, and 8% Armenian Apostolic.

What is the sport of Georgia?Edit

Lelo Burti is a full contact team sport that originated during ancient times in Georgia. It is literally translates to "Field Ball" in Georgian and has lots of similarities to rugby. is played between two teams with 15 players on each team, in two 30-minute periods. Players are allowed to move the ball by kicking, passing it forward or backward, or running with the ball.

The objective of the sport is to score as many goals as possible. Goals are scored by kicking or carrying the ball through a center portion of the end line (referred to as "mak") .

What are some important sites?Edit


Uplistsikhe, literally translated to “Lord’s Fortress“, is a town carved in the rock of a cliff. The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, and continued to be inhabited officially until the 13th century AD, when the Mongols pillaged it.

Gelati monastery

The interior of monasteryis the real spectacle with intricately painted murals adorn every space and there is a giant mosaic creating the centerpiece of the church. It was founded in 1106 and was one of the first monasteries in Georgia.

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