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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.
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All Books


This is a list of all books that I have started, or that I have done significant work on. The letters next to the title of a book are the status codes that show what state the book is in. A description of the book will be shown below the title to elaborate these codes. All books are to be considered a work-in-progress.

Status Codes

Book Status Codes

Books are given a state and a focus

State is the development state of the book.
  • featured : This is a featured book, but all books can be improved
  • Review : This book needs to be reviewed and copyedited in preparation for becoming featured.
  • Revise: This book needs to be edited and improved
  • Expand: This book needs to expand by adding more content
  • stub: This book is a stub and needs general work
  • bad: This book is in very bad shape and might need to be deleted
Focus is the one thing that the book needs help with the most.
  • Content: More content needs to be written
  • Style: Existing content needs to be improved in technicality, composition, and style
  • Formatting: Formatting and templates need to be improved
  • Visuals: Images, tables, and other resources need improving
  • Cleanup: General cleanup of existing content and materials
  • Accuracy: Examples, references, fact-checking, NPOV and NOR checking
  • Rename: Book needs to be renamed. See notes for details.
  • Subpages: Book needs to be broken into subpages
  • Split: Book should be split into smaller books. See associated outline page for details.
  • Verify: Book needs to be sighted for quality


A - C

(Book) (Create - View, Load) (Edit Notes)A Little C Primerdonated - Revise - Formatting
Reviewed: 21/01/2009

I translated this book to wikitext from the original HTML and transferred it to Wikibooks from

11 Nov 2008
Conversion went well, but formatting looks shabby. Improve formatting, add notes and sidebars, Improve aesthetics all the way around. Add a "Resources" and "Licensing" page, as needed. Provide links to related books. Make sure the book is well-categorized.
15 January 2008
Started review
21 January 2009
Finished reviewing all existing pages
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Analog and Digital Conversionstub - Content
9 Nov 2008
Did a read-through today. Book is a lousy stub but has attracted a scant few contributions from other contributors. Desperately needs some images to illustrate some of it's concepts, and has a lot of empty pages and empty headings, especially in later sections/chapters.
(Book) (Create - View, Load) (Edit Notes)An Awk Primerdonated - Revise - Cleanup
Reviewed: 21/01/2009

I translated this book to wikitext from the original HTML and transferred it to Wikibooks from

11 November 2008
Book needs formatting help badly. Aesthetics from the automated translation are bad. Improve structure, add tables/sidebars. Beef up a few parts where more explanations are needed. Add links to more resources.
21 January 2009
Reviewed all existing pages.
(Book) (Outline) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Artificial Neural NetworksExpand - Content
Has good structure, navigation. Needs to be expanded.
9 Nov 2008
Several pages are stubbish, and have no headers structure. Lots of equations but not a lot of explanation and no examples. A few redlinks in later parts of the TOC, and a definite need for massive expansion in later chapters.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)AstrodynamicsExpand - Content
9 Nov 2008
Several images are not explained or integrated into the text. Existing content needs to be expanded with explanations and examples. Several redlinks on TOC. Later chapters/sections need to be written/expanded.
(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Circuit TheoryReview  - Accuracy
Reviewed: 24/12/2008
9 November 2008
Expand to include 3-phase systems. Create and include more images, integrate images better into the text. General Expansion and Cleanup, especially of later chapters.
24 December 2004
Reviewed all existing pages.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Communication NetworksExpand - Cleanup
9 Nov 2008
Recently completed a merge from Networking, and needs to be cleaned up. Needs more images. Needs massive expansion of content, including for some red TOC links, and several empty sections throughout. Needs lots of work.
(Book) (View, Load - Create) (Edit Notes)Communication SystemsExpand - Content
Reviewed: 24/12/2008
9 Nov 2008
User:Jugandi appears to have done a lot of work on this book recently. Some chapters need expansion, but many are in very good condition. Needs a public collection and maybe a PDF version.
24 December 2008
Reviewed all pages in this book. Downgraded from review to expand considering the number of stubbish pages in the book. Needs serious formatting help too.
(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Control Systemsfeatured  - Accuracy
Reviewed: 15/12/2008
9 Nov 2008
Rename the "System Identification" chapter to a new name (it doesnt strictly deal with "system identification"), and create a new page about system identification. Expand later chapters and units. Verify the public collection is good, and all templates render correctly.
15 December 2008
Reviewed all existing pages

D - F

(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Data Coding Theorystub - Content
13 November 2008
Book is a stub with mostly redlinks and very little content. Content that is here is disjointed and stubby. Massive need for more text content and more illustrations. Very poor condition.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Digital Circuitsstub - Content
15 November 2008
Book is a stub with very little content and an incomplete TOC. What this book needs most is a full-time author to adopt it, because it's not far enough along yet for occasional contributors to be able to latch onto it. Needs everything.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Digital Signal Processingstub - Content
17 November 2008
The whole second half of the book hasn't been written yet. Needs more content, images, explanations. Especially images, explanations of most materials will suffer without them. Not enough written yet to support a PDF or a collection.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Electrodynamicsstub - Content
19 November 2008
TOC is only about half full with existing pages. Most pages are stubby and need more content. Needs more images, and better integration of existing images. Mostly, needs to be adopted by an active author.
(Book) (Outline) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Embedded SystemsExpand - Split
20 November 2008
Poor quality mishmash of various topics. Many pages are stubs. TOC is inconsistent with subpage naming. Risks becoming an encyclopedia of hardware/software configurations. Needs more examples, more pictures, more explanations. Strongly consider and maybe start planning breaking this book into smaller, more focused volumes: RTOS, C + Assembly interaction, Embedded hardware programming, Real-Time Software, etc. Might just be better off this way.
(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Engineering AnalysisExpand - Content
23 November 2008
A few pages are yet to be written, and some of the pages are stubbish. Needs more examples, badly. Also needs images to illustrate some points.
(Book) (Outline) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Expert Systemsstub - Content
25 November 2008
Book is a terrible stub. The TOC is mostly redlinks, and many of the pages that have been created are stubbish. Needs a lot of focused work and an influx of content.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Floating Pointstub - Content
26 November 2008
Book is a complete stub. Many entries in the TOC are not written, and many of the pages that do exist are just a rough outline of page headings. Book needs lots and lots of work in every way.

G - P

(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)The Grand InquisitorRevise - Accuracy
29 November 2008
Book has collection, Cover (needs work), and all relevant source text from Wikisource. Needs more content and annotations, discussions, and translations.
(Course) (Book) (Edit Notes)WV:Introduction to Robotics
29 November 2008
Course is underdeveloped and needs significantly more content written. Plan might be overly ambitious. Much in the syllabus are redlinks, many pages are stubs. Needs massive expansion.
(Book) (Create - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Linear Algebradonated - Revise - Formatting

This book was donated to Wikibooks from

1 December 2008
The second half of the book needs to be fixed for formatting after the automated conversion made a mess of it. The first half of the book is decent, and is even attracting new authors. Lots of good examples and exercises, but needs a Collection.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Memory Managementstub - Content
3 December 2008
Book is a stub with mostly redlinks in the TOC. Needs lots of new content to be written. Considering doing a massive content dump or even a mass-import from Wikipedia. Needs a lot of work.
24 December 2008
Rearranged the TOC a little bit, and added some stub pages.
(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Microprocessor DesignExpand - Accuracy
Reviewed: 01/02/2009
4 December 2008
TOC is mostly filled-out, but many pages need more content. There are lots of images that aren't integrated into the text well enough, and more images can probably be found on commons. Mostly just needs content expansion.
29 December 2008
Started reviewing pages in this book. Am dropping it down from "Review" to "Expand" state considering the large number of stubbish pages in the book.
02 January 2008
Finished reviewing pages.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)MIPS AssemblyExpand - Content
7 December 2008
Needs lots of content added, general expansion, explanation of various opcodes, etc. Many pages are stubs, or contain stubbish sections.
(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Parrot Virtual MachineRevise - Formatting

All my contributions to this book, for compatibility with Parrot itself, are released under the Artistic License v2.0. Of course, I cannot require that other contributors do the same.

7 December 2008
Has lots of content in many of the pages, although needs some additional content in certain chapters (especially later chapters). Needs formatting and general cleanup work.
5 January 2009
Started review
15 January 2008
Finished reviewing all existing pages.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)PBASIC Programmingstub - Accuracy
9 December 2008
some sections are stubbish, but many pages have decent content. Need more examples, more images, more description.
(Book) (Outline) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Perl 6 Programmingstub - Content
I am writing this book as part of a Perl 6 Microgrant.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Programmable LogicExpand - Content
11 December 2008
Appears that another author has converted it to book/chapter/page format. Most pages are stubs, needs massive content expansion. Some pages are redlinked

R - T

(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)The Scientific MethodExpand - Content
12 December 2008
Book is a stub, many pages have zero content. Needs massive expansion.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Semiconductorsstub - Content
15 December 2008
Some early pages have decent content. However, much of the TOC is unlinked or redlinked, and many of the pages in the book are stubs. needs massive content expansion, cleanup and better integration of existing content.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)The Seven Wonders of the WorldExpand - Formatting
17 December 2008
Most pages are stubs, bits of content stolen from WP and images stolen from Commons. Needs a lot more content added. Idea is good, but needs execution help.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Sexual HealthRevise - Accuracy
18 December 2008
Pages have content, but some sections are empty and some discussion points are very short. Needs a few more images in some sections, general expansion, and maybe the addition of sidebox vignettes to help with the information.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Signals and SystemsExpand - Content
22 December 2008
Book has some rough edges but has been growing nicely with contributions from several other users. Needs more content and more examples throughout.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Signal Processingstub - Content
24 December 2008
Book is a stub in need of major content additions. Only about half the TOC is filled out, half those pages are redlinks, and the pages that do exist are stubs. Needs a lot of work.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)SPARC Assemblystub - Content
29 December 2008
Book is a stub with very little content. It has some good organizational structure where information could be filled in for most pages, however.
(Book) (View, Load - Create) (Edit Notes)Special Relativityfeatured  - Accuracy
Reviewed: 24/12/2008
24 December 2008
All pages reviewed. Many of the pages are very monolithic and might need to be broken down into smaller pages. Some pages are equation-heavy and need more prose. Images need general improvement, and more new images need to be added. Needs a public collection and associated artifacts.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)System Troubleshootingstub - Content
29 December 2008
Book is a very small stub and might need to get deleted since there isn't much here to grab on to.

U - Z

(Shelf) UNDP-APDIP Books Shelfdonated - featured 
(Book) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Using WikibooksRevise - Accuracy
8 December 2008
Book is rapidly expanding. Needs a little bit more content in a few places, but otherwise needs examples, pictures, and formatting work.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Wikijunior:ColorsRevise - Visuals
2 January 2008
Book in decent condition but could use more pictures and larger/more-colorful text. I would really like to find a way to get this book faithfully published too.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Windows ProgrammingExpand - Split
02 January 2008
Book is too ambitious and needs to be split up into smaller books for particular subjects. Some subbooks to make: C/Win32API, C++/MFC/COM, Win32DDK and Win32Shell. Many sections are redlinked and many pages are stubbish.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)x86 AssemblyExpand - Accuracy
4 January 2009
Needs more content when it comes to the various assemblers. Needs better descriptions of some instructions and concepts, but volume of content is not too bad.
(Book) (Outline) (View, Load - View, Load) (Edit Notes)x86 Disassemblyfeatured  - Style
Reviewed: 15/12/2008
15 December 2008
Reviewed all existing pages. Book is featured, but could use more content in a few places. Early chapters need to be cleaned up because they are unruly lists. Always need more examples.