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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.
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This is going to be a page to list books that are no longer books, or which I have basically abandoned.

Status CodesEdit

Book Status Codes

Books are given a state and a focus

State is the development state of the book.
  • featured : This is a featured book, but all books can be improved
  • Review : This book needs to be reviewed and copyedited in preparation for becoming featured.
  • Revise: This book needs to be edited and improved
  • Expand: This book needs to expand by adding more content
  • stub: This book is a stub and needs general work
  • bad: This book is in very bad shape and might need to be deleted
Focus is the one thing that the book needs help with the most.
  • Content: More content needs to be written
  • Style: Existing content needs to be improved in technicality, composition, and style
  • Formatting: Formatting and templates need to be improved
  • Visuals: Images, tables, and other resources need improving
  • Cleanup: General cleanup of existing content and materials
  • Accuracy: Examples, references, fact-checking, NPOV and NOR checking
  • Rename: Book needs to be renamed. See notes for details.
  • Subpages: Book needs to be broken into subpages
  • Split: Book should be split into smaller books. See associated outline page for details.
  • Verify: Book needs to be sighted for quality


Not Books AnymoreEdit

Books here have been converted, usually into meta-organizational pages for smaller books.

(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Assembly LanguageNot a Book - Unknown
Is now a subject page for assembly language books.
(Book) (Create - View, Load) (Edit Notes)Modern PhysicsNot a Book - Unknown
This large book was separated out into smaller books for each individual subject. The resultant books are listed here: Category:Modern Physics.
  1. The "Gravity" section needs to be separated out into it's own book.
  2. Go through the book, find orphaned subpages and delete them.
  3. Evaluate some of the appendices to see where they can be moved, or if they should be deleted.
  4. Redirect this book to Subject:Modern Physics
  5. Update all "Modern Physics" templates to point to the right places.
  6. Maybe improve the look of Subject:Modern Physics
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Engineering TablesNot a Book - Unknown
At the moment, is just a listing of various tables for use in other books. Needs more, probably to be imported from WP.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Electric CircuitsNot a Book - Unknown
Is now a subject page for books on electric circuits
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Reverse EngineeringNot a Book - Unknown
This is now a subject page for all software reverse engineering books.


These are books that I am not going to work on anymore, but I may be interested in finding new authors to adopt them.

(Book) (Outline) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)AlgebraUnknown - Unknown
Several new contributors have been helping with this book, so it's actually doing better then it was. May still need to be merged/combined with Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, and some other related books.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Arithmeticstub - Content
Book has a lot of redlinks, too little content, no solid structure, etc. Needs a lot of work.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Find EmploymentExpand - Cleanup
Needs more content, better organization. Possibly split large pages into smaller pages. More references, links to resources, etc. Needs a cover page and a PDF version.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)GREstub - Content
Book needs radical expansion, example problems, more information, etc. Needs formatting and cleanup. Is in bad shape.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)How to pass a courseExpand - Content
Book has recently had navigation templates and a print version added. Needs expanded content, cleanup, formatting. Needs a cover page and PDF version. Some subpages are not well-linked nor well formatted.
(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Systems TheoryRevise - Accuracy
Needs a lot of cleanup, improvement, and content expansion.

Deleted or RemovedEdit

(Book) (Create - Create) (Edit Notes)Wikibooks CommunityNot a Book - Unknown
Book merged into Using Wikibooks and deleted.