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Books need visuals. They can illustrate certain points in ways that words never can. They can help break up large monotonous text. Images are more important for some books then for others, but they can find a home in all books in some way. Books needing visuals are typically in the Expand, Revise and Review stages of development. Pages needing improved visuals may also need additional textual content to explain and reference those visuals.

Adding ImagesEdit

Find related images and insert them into the text. Don't try to get too fancy with positioning the image, or adding a caption, or a border or anything.

Raiding CommonsEdit

Commons has tons of images, go there and do a search for some key terms from your book and see what pops up.

Integrating ImagesEdit

Once you have images for your book, you need to integrate them. Make sure they are positioned nicely in the text. Make sure you explain them and reference them from the text itself.