Using Wikibooks

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Using Wikibooks
The Comprehensive Open Source Handbook for Learning Wikibooks
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The purpose of this book is to guide you through your Wikibooks journey. From becoming a reader to becoming a writer and beyond, each chapter explores what you should know to make the most of your journey.

Part 1 Introduction

About The Book
What Is Wikibooks
Setting Up A User Account
Discussion and Consensus
Policy and Guidelines

Part 2 The Wikibooks Editor

How To Edit A Wikibook
Cleanup and Maintenance
Advanced Techniques
Adding Images to Pages

Part 3 Quick Start Guides

Wikipedian Primer
Class Project Guidelines
Starting a New Book

Part 4 The Wikibooks Writer

Contributing To An Existing Wikibook
Starting A New Wikibook
Donating a Book to Wikibooks
How To Structure A Wikibook
Shelves, Categories, and Classifications
Attracting Readers
Print versions and PDFs

Part 5 The Wikibooks Reader

Finding A Wikibook
Printing A Wikibook
Using A Wikibook In A Classroom
Correcting Errors
Reviewing Pages

Part 6 The Wikibooks Administrator

The Roles Of The Wikibooks Administrator
Deleting, Undeleting, and Importing
Advanced Administration
Scripting and the MediaWiki API