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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.

This page is going to serve as a repository for the images that I have created and uploaded. See also my images page at commons: commons:User:Whiteknight/My Images. Content here may change without warning. Unauthorized edits can and will be removed.

SVG Images edit

These images were created by me in Inkscape or Dia. All these images prior to 29 October 2007 are released under the GFDL. All images uploaded after that date will be cross-licensed under the GFDL and CC-BY-SA-1.0,2.0,2.5,3.0. I may eventually update all the licenses of the older images. Eventually, all these images will be moved to commons.

Waveforms edit

These images are waveforms, and are used in books such as Signals and Systems (Book) (Notes) , Communication Systems (Book) (Notes) , Control Systems (Book) (Notes) , or Digital Signal Processing (Book) (Notes) . Authors of related books may find these images useful as well.

Electric Circuits edit

These images are diagrams of electric circuits or electric circuit components. These images are useful in the Circuit Theory (Book) (Notes) , Digital Circuits (Book) (Notes) or Semiconductors (Book) (Notes) books.

Computer Components edit

These images are of computer or microprocessor components. They are most useful in books such as Digital Circuits (Book) (Notes) or Microprocessor Design (Book) (Notes) .

Computer Software edit

These images are diagrams of computer software. They are useful in the Microprocessor Design (Book) (Notes) and Assembly Language (Book) (Notes) books.

Controllable Systems edit

These images depict physical systems, and are typically for use in the Control Systems (Book) (Notes) book.

Block Diagrams edit

These images depict block diagrams, and are useful in the Control Systems (Book) (Notes) , Signals and Systems (Book) (Notes) , Communication Systems (Book) (Notes) , Digital Signal Processing (Book) (Notes) or Circuit Theory (Book) (Notes) books. Other engineering books may also make good use of them.

Mathematical Images edit

These images depict mathematical concepts, and are useful in the Engineering Analysis (Book) (Notes) book, and for explanations in other engineering or mathematics books.

Orbital Images edit

These are diagrams of orbits and space objects. They are for use in the Astrodynamics (Book) (Notes) book, but may be applied to other books such as Modern Physics (Book) (Notes) , Astronomy (Book) , and others.

Neural Network Images edit

These are diagrams of neural networks, or related topics. They will be used in the Artificial Neural Networks (Book) (Outline) (Notes) book, among others.

Cover Images edit

These images are all 8.5 × 11 images for use as book covers.

Other Images edit

These images are not SVG images. Some of them are low quality and need to be redone as SVG in the future. Some of them are screenshots. Some of them are put together by myself in MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Images edit

These images have been created by myself in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. They are cross-licensed under the GFDL and CC-BY-SA-3.0, 2.5, 2.0, and 1.0.

Inkscape PNG Images edit

These images were created by me in Inkscape, JFLAP, or other free graphics programs. All these images are released under the GFDL. Images that are not SVG will be updated eventually to be SVG. When these images are sufficiently improved and polished, I will upload them to commons.

JFLAP Images edit

These images were produced in JFLAP, and are released under the GFDL.

Rough Images edit

These are rough images, drawn by myself in MS paint. All of these images are released into the public domain. I will attempt to reproduce many of these images in a better format such as SVG. When I do reproduce these images, they will no longer be public domain.

Screenshots edit

These images are screenshots of copyrighted programs and are released under a fair use license.

Screenshots of Wikibooks edit

These screenshots are taken of the wikibooks interface. They are all released under the GFDL.

PDF Versions edit

These PDF versions were created by me using either Adobe Acrobat, or OpenOffice. These PDF versions are all released under the GFDL.

‎Image:Control Systems.pdf

Personal Images edit

These are images that I use for my personal namespace. The ones that are not drawn in MS paint are likely taken with a digital camera. I release these images into the public domain.

Useful Image Storage edit

This is where I will list useful images that I have found that i can reproduce, move to commons, or use in my books.