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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.
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Hello! My name is Andrew Whitworth, although most users here on Wikibooks will better know me as Whiteknight.

This username represents a legitimate front to my Wiki persona. My main account, User:Whiteknight will be used for the bulk of my edits and contributions. My puppet account, User:wknight8111 will be used primarily in conjunction with my bot to perform automated cleanup tasks. This username, while used rarely, will likely be used on other projects such as the new New York City Chapter and the Wikimedia Chapters committee. I also use my real name on mailing lists and other forms of extra-wiki communications.

About Me

This is me.

I am (under my other user name) a bureaucrat and checkuser here on en.wikibooks. I have accounts on other wikis as well (see the list below), but they are all mostly inactive.

I graduated in May 2006 with a BS in Electrical/Computer Engineering, and in May 2008 with an MS in Electrical Engineering from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. My research interests include embedded systems, digital signal processing, computer architecture, and digital control. As a former TA, I have teaching experience in the areas of Communication Systems, Circuit Theory Embedded Systems, Robotics and C Programming. I have worked with the CSNAP Laboratory on research projects ranging from satellite control systems to data fusion and image processing and the SCDC Laboratory working on System-on-Chip and PGA design.

I write real dead-tree books as well: ISBN 0977920127

This page will contain some basic information about myself and my editing habits here, as well as ways to get in contact with me if needed.

My Name


I am not the only Andrew Whitworth in the world. There is an American NFL player and a British college professor with the same name that I know of. Both of these individuals are likely to show up in a Google search just as prominently as I do, if not more so.

My Contributions


Contributions under User:Whiteknight can all be attributed to me under this username, and I will likely use this username to sign myself as an author in books to which I contribute. This account will not ever be used for casting votes or participating in discussions. This account will never be used in conjunction with a bot or any automated editing tool.

Here are some dates:

  • Primary account created: 24 Aug 2005
  • Became Admin: 12 Oct 2005
  • Became Bcrat: 8 Aug 2006
  • 10,000th edit: 22 Aug 2006 (bot-assisted edits aren't included)
  • 10,000th main-module content edit: 24 April 2007
  • 20,000th edit: 17 May 2007
  • 30,000th edit: 17 October 2007
  • 1,000th page delete: April 2007
  • 100th user block: May 2007
  • Became Checkuser: 28 August 2006

Some Stats: (As of 10 August, 2007)

  • Days as a Wikibookian: Template:Dayssince
  • Average edits/day: 34
  • edits/day (not counting weekends): 47

Admin and Bureaucrat


My other username, User:Whiteknight is a bureaucrat here, and can be contacted for all matters concerning admin or bureaucrat tasks. I do not have, and do not want, admin privileges for my other usernames.

Contacting Me


I can be contacted through email at Wknight8111 <at> gmail <dot> com.

I may also be contacted on AIM at screenname wknight8111.

I am available on IRC occasionally, on Freenode and irc.wikimedia under the usernames "Wknight8111", "Whiteknight", "Whiteknig", or "codenight", listed in order of descending probability. When I am away, i will usually be listed as "wknight-away". My bot will usually have the name "wknibot", or something similar.

I can also be contacted by phone, although I will not list my number here on wikibooks. If you would like to talk to me via phone or in person, send me an email first.

List of global accounts:

List of some projects where I might have a user page, or where i have edited, or whatever:

Although the best place to reach me is on my Wikibooks talk page.

I own the global accounts to User:Whiteknight, User:Wknight8111 and User:Andrew Whitworth. Edits under any of these names on any WMF projects are by me.



I maintain three blogs, one that contains news about wikibooks, one that contains information about Wikimedia Foundation chapters, and one that is more personal. These can be found at:

I am always interested in submissions or collaborations on the wikibooks blog. Let me know if you have anything you want me to share.


The following information is to be used for purposes of enforcing copyright only. Additional information can be obtained directly from me via email, if necessary.

  • Name: Andrew Whitworth
  • Place of Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
  • Year of Birth: 1983

All textual contributions made by myself under the screennames User:Whiteknight and User:Andrew Whitworth (with some exceptions, see below) are released under the terms of the GNU FDL V1.2 or any later version, the text of which is located at GFDL. Text to which I am a contributor may not be released with any invariant sections, front cover texts, or back cover texts beyond this version of the GFDL. I waive my right to be listed as an author on the title page of any book to which I have contributed under Section 4(b) of the GFDL.

Textual contributions made by my bot User:Wknight8111 are released into the public domain, where possible, the GFDL v1.2 or later otherwise.

Images that I produce or upload may be licensed under a variety of copyright schemes, all of which are described at User:Whiteknight/Images.

In the case of books which are being donated to Wikibooks, and I help to upload them, my contributions while uploading should be considered released under the licensing terms specified by the donor. Where I help edit a book upon explicit request of the author(s) of that book, my edits will be released under the specific terms of that book. Books that I edit about open-source software programs, such as Parrot Virtual Machine are implicitly dual-licensed between the GFDL and a license which is compatible with the software itself. Edits of other contributors to these books might not be likewise licensed.