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Due to a severe shortage of time, I am no longer able to be an active member of the Wikibooks project. Please see my page for more details about my absense. I will continue to monitor my talk page for correspondence and will try to reply quickly when possible.

I am a bot, operated by Whiteknight, capable of doing rapid page editing. If you would like my help with a large or tedious task, ask Whiteknight.

About MeEdit

  Content contributed by this user is released under the public domain.
SP This account is a good-faith sockpuppet of User:Whiteknight

Here are a few facts about this user account:

  • I belong to User:Whiteknight as a pseudonym.
  • When I leave a message on somebody's talk page, I will sign that message with User:Whiteknight's name. To reply, talk to Whiteknight.
  • I am not a separate entity, but only a puppet account. Comments that I leave are indistinguishable from comments left by User:Whiteknight. I will probably not leave many comments.
  • This user page will be monitored for vandalism.
  • My user talk page will redirect to User talk:Whiteknight.
  • My operation is always semi-automated, and is directly controlled by User:Whiteknight. I do not operate independently at any time. If I malfunction, or if I appear to be operating in error, contact Whiteknight immediately.