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The "algebra" section contains a number of different books, many of which are currently sharing or duplicating material between themselves. Also, some of the booknames don't correspond to any specific body of information, such as Intermediate Algebra, or Algebra I - A Verbose Approach. I would like to propose a merger and a reorganization of this section as follows:

The remaining books will be:

And new books will be created from the extra material:

Also, I would like to separate out the material so that it goes more or less in a chronological order: Algebra → Linear Algebra → Abstract Algebra. This means that we will no longer be cross-linking chapters, and there will be no more redundant information in these books. Here is my outline for the three books:


  • Word Problems
  • Polynomials
    • Factoring Polynomials
    • Completing the Square
    • Quadratic Equation
    • Absolute value
  • Equalities, Inequalities
  • Functions
    • Graphing Functions
    • Function combinations
  • Graphings Lines
    • Slope
    • Slope-Intercept Form
    • Point-Slope Form
  • Conic Sections
    • Parabola, Hyperbola, Circule, Elipse
  • Shapes
    • Area, Volume, Surface Area formulae
  • Exponentials
    • Square Roots (radicals)
    • Logarithms
    • e and Natural Log
  • Imaginary Numbers

Linear AlgebraEdit

  • Systems of Equations
  • Matricies, Vectors
    • Diagonal Matrix
    • Identity Matrix
    • Triangular Matrices
    • Kronecker Vectors
    • Zero matrices/vectors
    • Augmented Matrices
  • Matrix Operations
    • addition, multiplication, Transpose
    • Row/Column Operations
  • Determinant
    • Laplace Expansion
  • Cramers Rule
  • Matrix Inverses
    • Minors
    • Cofactors
    • Adjoints
    • Computing Inverses
  • Partitioned Matrices
  • Vector Operations
    • Norm
    • Inner Product
    • Orthogonality
    • Metric
    • Span
  • Linear Dependance
  • Basis Vectors
    • Change of Basis
  • System of Equation Solutions
    • Matrix Rank
    • Homogenous Solution
    • Particular Solution
    • Complete/General Solution
  • Eigenvalues
    • Characteristic Equation
    • Eigenvectors

Abstract AlgebraEdit

  • Sets
  • Compositions
    • Associativity
    • Commutivity
  • Groups
    • Semigroups
    • Groups
    • Abelian Groups
  • Rings
  • Fields
  • Modules
  • Isomorphisms, Homomorphisms
  • Algebras
  • Theoretical Linear Algebra
    • Vector Spaces
    • Subspaces
    • Span
    • Linear Independence
    • Basis/Dimension
    • Linear Transformations

Pages to be moved out of Algebra booksEdit

These chapters are currently located in the algebra books, and need to be moved to a better location.

All other pages in these books will be merged together as outlined above.

Wikiversity and algebraEdit

I'm trying to get something going on wikiversity on algebra, and was trying to follow the flow of the algebra wikibook- but the book seems to be in a process of being split or merged. where should I start? v:User:Rayc