Mathematical Proof

Sometimes people read mathematical proofs and think they are reading a foreign language. This book describes the language used in a mathematical proof and also the different types of proofs used in math. This knowledge is essential to develop rigorous mathematics. As such, rigorous knowledge of math is not a prerequisite to reading this book. This book will use a lot of set theory as examples, but the examples have been selected to either be intuitive or, at the very least, sufficiently explained. However, this does not mean that math will not be used as some of the examples. But, the math will be simple unless noted otherwise. They will require knowledge of algebra to solve.

Venn Diagram of A→B
The Venn Diagram of A→B, an iconic depiction of proofs
  1. Introduction 00%.svg
    1. Logical Reasoning 50%.svg
    2. Notation 50%.svg
  2. Methods of Proof 00%.svg
    1. Constructive Proof 50%.svg
    2. Proof by Contrapositive 25%.svg
    3. Proof by Contradiction 00%.svg
    4. Proof by Induction 25%.svg
    5. Counterexamples 00%.svg
    6. Other Proof Types 00%.svg
  3. Proof and Computer Programs 00%.svg
  4. Proof Assistants 00%.svg

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