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This book aims to be a comprehensive source for any developer who is interested in programming for the Windows platform. It starts at the lowest level, with the Win32 API (C and VB Classic) and then goes over to MFC (C++). Beyond these basic sections, it will cover COM, and the creation of ActiveX modules from a variety of languages. Next, it delves into the Windows DDK, and talk about programming device drivers for Windows platform. Finally, it moves on to the highest-level programming tasks, including shell extensions, shell scripting, and finally ASP and WSH.

Other topics that will be discussed here are: Writing screen-savers, creating HTML help modules, and compiling DLL files.

This book will focus on topics that are specific to Windows, and avoids general programming topics. For related material the reader is encouraged to look into Wikibooks other works, they will cover general programming, ASM, C, C++, Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET and other languages and concepts in greater detail. Appropriate links to these books are provided.

The reader is assumed to have a previous knowledge of the programming languages involved. Specifically, prior knowledge in C, C++, and Visual Basic is required for certain sections of this book.

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Section 1: Windows BasicsEdit

Section 2: Win32 API and UI ControlsEdit

Section 3: Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)Edit

Section 4: Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), ActiveX and COMEdit

Section 5: Device Driver ProgrammingEdit

Section 6: Shell ProgrammingEdit


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