Turkish has a rich variety of swear words and other types of slang. Because of words with multiples meanings even a simple word could mean seriously vulgar in different circumstances. As most of them are used quite often (in an informal context, of course), it would be useful to learn them. You may find some of their literal meanings rather interesting. To learn about them, read the Cultural note section of this page.

Offensive edit

These words are obviously all offensive and generally should not be said at all, especially for someone who is not fluent. They are included here mostly so you will understand what people are saying to each other (and hopefully not to you!).

  • kaşar -less offensive way to say, bitch.
  • siktir – common cuss word – Fuck.
  • top – homosexual (male). - Ball.
  • milli olmak – to become a national – Someone who has lost their virginity.
  • abaza – hungry – i.e. "Hungry" for sex – horny.
  • amcık – little pussy – Someone who is stupid, annoying or foolish.
  • bok – shit
  • ejderha – dragon – Penis.
  • dalga – wave – Penis.
  • böluk – section; local to the city, Antalya – Penis.
  • göt – ass
  • göt lalesi – ass tulip – asshole or asswipe
  • hıyar – cucumber – Cock, dickhead, etc.
  • ibne – male homosexual partner
  • orospu – bitch
  • orospu çocuğu – son of a bitch
  • sikmek – to fuck
    • ananı sikerim – I'll fuck your mother.
    • siktir git – fuck off
  • sürtük – slut
  • at hırsızı – horse thief – ugly looking person, someone who is not well-groomed, specifically used against males,
  • hırt – boor
  • çekirge götü – a cricket's ass – derogatory term for someone who is short
  • götten bacaklı – a short-arse – derogatory term for someone who is short
  • sırık – long stick – derogatory term for someone who is tall
  • zübükself-seeker – utilitarian
  • mal – ware – idiot, dumbass
  • sikik – fucked, fucktard
  • köylü – peasant – yokel
  • dangalak – bonehead
  • ver – to give pussy/ass
  • eline vermek – giving your penis to his/her hand – used when you beat someone
  • am budalası – dumbass pussy lover
  • sik kafalı – dick head

Not offensive edit

  • fıstık – pistachio – A very attractive young woman.
  • yalan olmak – to become a lie – If a meeting or a probable event announces to be cancelled due to unexpected circumstances then you can say "It became a lie." (Yalan oldu.)

Cultural note edit

Hıyar edit

In Turkish, "hıyar" means "cucumber." Until the word became synonymous for "cock," everyone would use it for cucumber. Nowadays, when people want to say cucumber without any sexual connotations, they would have to say "'salatalık.'" Technically this word has no real sense, as "salatalık" literally means "something you would put in a salad." If you were to have used this word before the word "hıyar" had sexual connotations, nobody would know exactly what you were referring to (tomatoes? lettuce? etc.).

The way this word changed meaning over time is similar to how the definition of gay, in English, turned into homosexual. In older times, someone claiming that they were "feeling gay," meant that they were feeling a joyous or happy emotion. Today, gay has primarily turned synonymous homosexual, so these days people more often say they are "feeling happy" instead of "feeling gay" to express positive emotion. If someone were to say they were "feeling gay" today, it would mean that they were "feeling homosexual," which does not make much sense because homosexual is not an emotion.

Nataşa edit

You may have noticed that one of the offensive slang words above was derived from the Eastern Slavic name, Natasha. If you ever go to Turkey, namely the southern Mediterranean coast (especially in the summer), you'll find the place absolutely packed with Russian tourists. Also, every year more and more Russians are settling in Turkey. You will also find that people who belly dance in Turkish restaurants, clubs, etc. are almost always Russian, not Turkish. In addition, as, unfortunately, young Russian women are stereotyped not just in Turkey, but worldwide, as being a bit "bimboish", in Turkish, the Slavic name "Natasha" (written "Nataşa" in Turkish) has become synonymous for a whore.

If your name just coincidentally is Natasha, don't just suddenly feel put off by going to Turkey. Turkey is a very welcoming place, and only stupid, ignorant, immature people would make fun of you. If you come across anyone like that, just ignore them and move on, just like in any other country.

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