Turkish/List of Verbs

Some verbs


All verbs are shown in the infinitive, i.e. to go, to say. Turkish infinitives end with the suffix -mak or -mek, in accordance with the principles of vowel harmony (see Vowel Classifications and Harmony)

to answer : cevaplamak
to applaud : alkışlamak
to ask : sormak
To arrange : organize etmek


to blame  : suçlamak
to borrow  : ödünç almak
to bury  : gömmek
to buy  : satın almak

to close  : kapamak
to comb : taramak
to come  : gelmek
to congratulate : kutlamak
to congratulate : tebrik etmek
to cook : pişirmek
to count : saymak
to create: yaratmak
to cry  : ağlamak or bağırmak
to cut  : kesmek

to die  : ölmek
to dive  : dalmak
to divide : bölmek
to do  : yapmak
to draw  : çizmek
to drink : içmek

to eat  : yemek
to erase : silmek

to fight : savaşmak
to fight : kavga etmek
to fly  : uçmak
to fry  : kızartmak

to gather : toplamak
to get  : almak
to give  : vermek
to go  : gitmek

to hurry : acele etmek

to invite : davet etmek


to knot : ōrmek
to know : bilmek

to learn : öğrenmek
to listen : dinlemek

to make peace : barışmak
to meet : tanışmak
to multiply : çarpmak


to occupy : işgal etmek
to open  : açmak

to put on : giymek


There is no Q in Turkish

to read  : okumak
to remove : çıkarmak
to respect : saymak
to run  : koşmak

to say : söylemek
to say : demek
to see : görmek
to sell  : satmak
to send  : göndermek
to sit  : oturmak
to smile : gülmek
to stand up  : kalkmak
to study  : öğrenmek
to stutter  : pepelemek
to swim : yüzmek

to take  : almak
to talk  : konuşmak
to teach : öğretmek
to translate  : çevirmek
to try  : denemek
to turn  : dönmek

to understand : bilmek
to use  : kullanmak


to walk  : yürümek
to want  : istemek
to watch : bakmak
to watch : seyretmek
to work  : çalışmak
to write : yazmak


There is no X in Turkish.



abart-: exaggerate

acı-: to hurt (intransative)

acıt-: to hurt (transative)
acık-: get hungry
aç-: open (Present Tense: açar-)
açıkla-: explain
ada-: dedicate
affet-: forgive (Present Tense: affeder-)
ağar-: bleach, whiten
ağırla-: entertain, host
ağla-: cry
ağrı-: ache
ak-: flow, drain (Present Tense: akar-)

aksa-: to hinder (intransative)

aksat-: to hinder (transative)
aktar-: transfer, cite, pass on
al-: take; buy (Present Tense: alır-)
aldat-: cheat, mislead

aldır-: to care (about something)

alış-: to get used to
an-: mention, remember (Present Tense: anar-)

anır-: to make donkey noises
anımsa-: recall, remember
anla-: understand
anlat-: tell, explain

anlaş-: to agree
ara-: look for, search, to phone
araştır-: look into, research, seek, study

arıt-: to sanitize

art-: increase
atla-: hop, jump, leap

as-: to hang (transative)

asıl-: to hang (intransative)

aş-: get over

aşın-: to erode (intransative)

at-: throw

ata-: to appoint

avla-: to hunt

ayır-: to separate

az-: get furious, get horny

azal-: to decrease

azlet-: to impeach

bağır-: to shout

bağlan-: to connect

bak-: look; look after (Present Tense: bakar-)

bakın-: to look around

ban-: to dip into something

bandır-: to dip into something (synonym with ban-)

barın-: to take shelter

barış-: to make peace

bas-: to step
başla-: begin, start

başar-: to succeed (after a more difficult task with a longer-lasting effect compared to becermek)

başvurmak-: to apply (send an application), to consult, to resort

bat-: to sink (intransative)

batır-: to sink (transative)

bayıl-: to faint

becer-: to succeed (after a more trivial job compared to başarmak)

beğen-: to like

bekle-: to wait

belir-: to appear

belirt-: to state (something)

benze-: to be similar to something

besle-: to feed, to harbour

bez-: to have enough (not wanting any more)

bırak-: to let go
bil-: know (Present Tense: bilir-)
bildir-: declare, report
bin-: get on; mount (Present Tense: biner-)

bindir-: (slang) to crash, to fuck

birik-: to accumulate

biriktir-: to save (money), to collect (make a collection)

birleş-: to unite
bit-: finish; culminate (Present Tense: biter-)

bitir-: to end (transative)

boğ-: to drown (someone)

boğul-: to drown (intransative)

boz-: to disrupt, to spoil (something)

boşal-: to empty (intransative), to cum

boşalt-: to empty (transative)

boya-: to paint

bozdur-: to exchange cash into smaller units

bozul-: to break down, to spoil

böğür-: to make cow noises

böl-: to divide

bölüş-: to split (something between people)

buda-: to trim (a tree's branches)
bul-: find (Present Tense: bulur-)

bulun-: to be, to stay on (similar to German sich befinden)
buluş-: come together, meet

bunal-: to get very bored

buna-: to get dementia

burk-: to sprain, to twist

buyur-: to decree, to order

bük-: to bend

büyü-: to grow

büz-: to contract, to shir

çağır-: to call, to summon

çak-: to high-five, (slang) to understand

çakıl-: to crash into ground

çaktır-: (slang) to get noticed (while doing a thing secretly)
çal-: steal; ring; play (an instrument)
çalış-: work

çarp-: to crash, to collide, to smite, to electrocute, (mathematically) to multiply

çatış-: to clash

çatla-: to crack

çek-: to pull

çeliş-: to contradict

çevir-: to rotate, to translate
çık-: get out; come up; go out (Present Tense: çıkar-)

çıkar-: to subtract, to remove

çıkart-: synonymous with çıkarmak

çıldır-: to become crazy, to get very angry (used more often for the latter compared to delirmek)

çırp-: to stir, to shake

çiftleş-: to mate

çimlen-: (slang) to munch on

çoğal-: to multiply (intransative)

çoğalt-: to multiply (transative)

çiz-: to draw

çök-: to collapse

çömel-: to squat

çöz-: to solve

çözün-: to dissolve (in a liquid)

çürü-: to decay, to rot (intransative)

çürüt-: to decay, to rot (transative), to debunk

dağıl-: to disperse

dağıt-: to distribute

dal-: dive

danış-: to consult

davran-: to behave

daya-: to lean on (transative), (slang) to fuck

dayan-: to lean on (intransative), (slang) to fuck

dayat-: to impose

de-: say

değ-: to touch (unintentionally)

değin-: mention

değiş-: to change

del-: to penetrate

delir-: to become crazy, to get very angry (used more often for the former compared to çıldırmak)

demle-: to brew

dene-: to try

derle-: to compile

deş-: to make a large amount of holes

devir-: to knock down

dik-: to erect (something), to sew

dilen-: to beg

din-: to calm down (for events)

dinle-: to listen

dinlen-: to rest

diren-: to resist

diril-: to get resurrected

diz-: to lay (something)
doğ-: be born; arise (Present Tense: doğar-)

doğrul-: to straighten

doğur-: to give birth

doku-: to weave
dokun-: touch; affect
dol-: fill up, to be filled, charge (Present Tense: dolar-)
dolaş-: walk around; roam; stray

dolan-: to take a longer road (opposite of taking a shortcut)

domal-: to bend over

don-: to freeze

donat-: to equip

doy-: to get saturated

dök-: to pour

dön-: to turn, to rotate, to spin

dönüş-: to transform
döv-: beat, whip (Present Tense: döver-)

dövüş-: to fight

dur-: to stop (intransative)

durdur-: to stop (transative
duy-: hear; feel, sense (Present Tense: duyar-)

duyur-: to announce

dürt-: to poke
düş-: fall off, drop, come down (Present Tense: düşer-)
düşün-: think, consider

düzel-: (from a bad position) to improve, to get better

edin-: to acquire

eğ-: to bend

eğil-: to bend over

eğit-: to educate

ek-: to plant

ekle-: to add

ekşi-: to become sour

ele-: to eliminate

elle-: to tamper, to touch, to grope

em-: to suck (something)

emzir-: to breastfeed

eri-: to melt

eriş-: to reach

eski-: to wear down

es-: (for a wind) to blow

esne-: to stretch (intransative), to yawn

esnet-: to strech (transative)

et-: (auxillary verb)

etkile-: to affect

evlen-: to marry

ez-: to crush

fışkır-: to squirt

frenle-: to break (stop a vehicle)

geber-: (rude) to die

gecik-: to delay

geç-: to pass

geçir-: to go through (an event)

geğir-: to burp

gel-: to come

geliş-: to develop

ger-: to strech

geril-: to get tense

genleş-: to expand (chemistry)

gerek-: to be required, to be necessary

getir-: to bring

gevşe-: to relax

gez-: to wander

gider-: to satisfy (a need)

gir-: to enter

giriş-: to undertake

git-: to go

giy-: to wear

gizle-: to hide

göm-: to bury

gönder-: to send, (slang) to roast implicitly

gör-: to see

görüş-: to meet

göster-: to show

götür-: to take away

gözle-: to observe

gözük-: to be seen, to be visible

gül-: to laugh

güven-: to trust

hapşır-: to sneeze

harca-: to spend

haşla-: to boil (a food)

havla-: to bark

haykır-: to shout

ısın-: to heat up (intransative)

ısır-: to bite

ısıt-: to heat up (transative)

iç-: to drink

içer-: to contain

iğren-: to be disgusted

ilet-: to transmit

in-: to step out, to disembark

inan-: to beleive

indir-: to lower

iste-: to want

işe-: (slang) to pee

işit-: synonymous with duymak

it-: to push

izle-: to watch

kabar-: to swell

kaç-: to run away

kaçın-: to avoid

kaçır-: to kidnap

kal-: to stay

kalk-: to stand up

kaldır-: to lift

kalkın-: to develop (for a region or a country)

kalkış-: to undertake, to attempt

kan-: to be tricked into something

kana-: to bleed

kandır-: to trick

kanırt-: to use a lot of force

kap-: to catch

kapa-: to close

kapat-: synonymous with kapamak

kapla-: to cover

kapsa-: to contain

karış-: to mix

kas-: to contract, (slang) to tryhard something

kaşı-: to scratch

kat-: to add (a matter into another)

katıl-: to join

katla-: to fold

katlan-: to endure

kavra-: to grip

kavrul-: to be roasted (literally)

kavur-: to roast (literally)

kavuş-: to come together after a long time

kay-: to slip

kayna-: to boil, (slang) to cut a queue/line

kaz-: to dig

kazan-: to win

kemir-: to nibble

kes-: to cut

kırp-: to trim, göz kırp-: to wink

kına-: to condemn

kır-: to break

kıs-: to turn down

kıy-: to sacrifice, to let go

kız-: to get angry

kızar-: to fry

kok-: to smell (intransative)

kokla-: to smell (transative)

konuş-: to speak

kop-: break off

kork-: to get scared

koru-: to protect

koş-: to run

kov-: to fire (someone)

koy-: to put

köpür-: to bubble

kudur-: to get angry/triggered, (slang) to get horny

kur-: to set up

kurtar-: to save (something from something)

kurtul-: to get rid of (something)

kuru-: to dry up

kus-: to throw up

kutla-: to celebrate

kükre-: to roar

küs-: to get offended

mayış-: to get sleepy

okşa-: to pet

oku-: to read

ol-: to be, to become

oluş-: to be made out of

onar-: to fix

osur-: to fart

otur-: to sit

ov-: to rub

oy-: to bore (a hole)

oyalan-: to idle

oyna-: to play (a game)

öde-: to pay

ödeş-: to square off

öğrenmek-: to learn

öğretmek-: to teach

öksür-: to cough

ölç-: to measure

öl-: to die

öldür-: to kill

öner-: to suggest

önle-: to prevent

öp-: to kiss

ör-: to weave

ört-: to cover

öt-: to ring

öv-: to praise

övün-: to brag

özle-: to miss, to yearn

patla-: to explode

piş-: to cook (intransative)

pişir-: to cook (transative)

püskür-: to spray (intransative)

püskürt-: to spray (transative)

saç-: to scatter (something)

sağ-: to milk

sağla-: to ensure

sal-: to let go, (slang) to fart

saldır-: to attack

salla-: to shake

san-: to beleive (mistakenly or doubtfully)

sap-: to deviate

sar-: to wrap, (slang) to enjoy

sarıl-: to hug

sark-: to hang out

sars-: to shake, to tremble

sat-: to sell

savaş-: to battle

savun-: to defend

say-: to count

seç-: to choose

sek-: to bounce, (slang) to get cancelled

ser-: to lay down

serp-: sprinkle

sev-: to like

sez-: to deduce through a feeling

sıç-: to shit

sıçra-: to jump

sığ-: to fit (inside something)

sık-: to squeeze, to bore (someone)

sıkıl-: to be bored

sıkış-: to be squeezed

sına-: to test (someone)

sırıt-: to grin

sıvış-: (slang) to get away

sıyır-: to scrape, (slang) to get away with (something)

sız-: to leak

sızla-: to hurt

sik-: to fuck

silk-: to shake off

sil-: to delete, to erase

sindir-: to digest

soğu-: to cool down (intransative)

soğut-: to cool down (transative)

sok-: to insert

sol-: to fade, to wither

sor-: to ask

soy-: to peel, to undress (someone else), to rob

sök-: to disassemble, to rip off (literal meaning)

sömür-: to exploit someone else's resources

sön-: to blow out

söv-: to swear, to insult

söyle-: to say

suçla-: to accuse

sun-: to present

sus-: to shut up

susa-: to be thirsty

sümkür-: to clean one's nose

süpür-: to brush

sür-: to drive, to go on, to spread (like nutella on bread)

sürt-: to rub

sürün-: to crawl

süz-: to filter, to strain

şaş-: to get surprized

şaşır-: synonymous with şaşmak

şımar-: to become spoiled (for people)

şiş-: to swell

şişir-: to inflate

tak-: to affix, (slang) to pick on (someone)

takıl-: to be attached, (slang) to mess around

tanı-: to know (of a person)

tanış-: to meet (new people)

tanıt-: to introduce (transative)

tap-: to worship

tara-: to scan, to machine gun

tart-: to weigh (something)

taş-: to spill out

taşı-: to carry

tat-: to taste

tep-: to kick (for animals), to recoil, to backfire

tık-: to shove

tıka-: clog up

tırs-: to chicken out

tiksin-: to be disgusted

topla-: to gather, (mathematically) to add

toplan-: to meet up

toz-: (slang) to flee

tut-: to hold

tutun-: to hold on (to something)

tuzla-: to salt

tüken-: to run out

tüket-: to consume

tükür-: to spit

türe-: to derive

tüt-: to generate smoke

tüy-: (slang) to flee

uç-: to fly

uğra-: to stop by

uğraş-: to work (on something)

ulaş-: to reach

um-: to hope

unut-: to forget

utan-: to be embarassed

uy-: to fit (with something, into something)

uyan-: to wake up

uyar-: to warn

uydur-: to make up

uyu-: to sleep

üre-: to produce offspring

üret-: to produce

üşen-: to feel lazy

üşü-: to feel cold

üşüt-: to catch cold

ürk-: to startle (intransative)

üz-: to upset (someone)

üzül-: to be upset

var-: to arrive

varsay-: to assume

vazgeç-: to give up

ver-: to give

vur-: to hit

yağ-: to rain

yak-: to burn (something)

yakın-: to complain

yaklaş-: to approach

yalvar-: to beg

yalıt-: to isolate

yan-: to burn (intransative)

yanaş-: to approach (used mostly for ships)

yanıl-: to be mistaken

yansı-: to reflect

yap-: to make

yapış-: to stick (be stuck to)

yar-: to split

yara-: to be useful

yarat-: to create

yardır-: (slang) to start a long job, to fuck

yarış-: to race

yaslan-: to lean on

yaşa-: to live

yaşar-: to become wet

yaşlan-: to get old

yat-: to lie down

yatır-: to lie (something) down, to deposit money in a bank

yatış-: to calm down

yay-: to spread (transative)

yayıl-: to spread (intransative)

yaz-: to write

yazdır-: to print

yazış-: to text with someone

ye-: to eat

yeğelemek-: to prefer

yellen-: (slang) to fuck off

yen-: to win, to defeat (someone)

yenil-: to lose, to be defeated

yerleş-: to settle

yet-: to be enough

yetin-: to be content with something

yetiş-: to catch up

yığ-: to lump together

yık-: to bring down (a building)

yıka-: to wash

yıkan-: to bath

yıl-: (archaic) to get tired

yıpran-: to wear off

yırt-: to rip (something)

yitir-: to lose (possession of something)

yoğur-: to knead

yol-: to pluck

yolla-: to send

yont-: to sculpt

yor-: to tire (someone)

yorul-: to be tired

yönel-: to head towards

yut-: to swallow

yükle-: to load

yüksel-: to raise

yürü-: to walk

yüz-: to swim

yüzleş-: to face (with something)

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